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  1. NFT

    GOLD! 29 Years old: Just bought my 2nd Lambo (not clickbait)

    Congrats well done mate. Be careful, your neighbors may want to kill you if you mount that Kreissieg exhaust ^^
  2. NFT

    GOLD! Lex DeVille's: Guru Cults Exposed: The Tactics "Experts" Use To Pull You In & Suck You Dry

    Its so funny: Under Tais video the disclaimer was: "Tai is a professional internet marketer. His results are not typical. You might make more, less or the same" Yeah sure if you buy this online course you might make more than him, who knows....
  3. NFT

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    MJ, your reminders really work. Just gave TMF and Unscripted a 5 star review on Amazon. Really great work, admirable.
  4. NFT


    Read the book and loved it. Get it if you haven't already!
  5. NFT

    The Business Of Selling Courses

    You don't need to build up your personal audience first instead you can use FB Ads as mentioned and simply target people in your niche. FB Ads are really not that difficult to get started with. Just watch some free youtube videos and figure it out. People LOVE doing quizzes and arguing about...
  6. NFT

    The Business Of Selling Courses

    Foolproof way: Save a lot of time, money and frustration by doing a simple Google Forms survey on your future audience before creating your course. Creating the survey is free and you can promote it with Facebook Ads for very little money. By doing this you will find out EXACTLY what your...
  7. NFT

    What books are you reading currently?

    Currently I am reading "The One Thing". In general I think its a good idea to read the book that has the biggest impact on you right now. For example, if you struggle with copywriting I suggest you read a book (or a few book) about that. If your problem is work ethic you should read sth that...
  8. NFT

    INTRO I built a 10k/mo laptop business ( looking for likeminded entrepreneurs to connect with )

    Hello Matt, first of all welcome to the forum :) I am sure you will find a lot of online entrepreneurs here, some of them are really really successful. It is always great to have more advanced entrepreneurs on here who contribute to this amazing forum. My online business is going to launch...
  9. NFT

    NOTABLE! Fear and Action-Faking in Entrepreneurship-- a 19 year old's guide to askholing.

    Is that lordphenny? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk Pro
  10. NFT

    NOTABLE! Fear and Action-Faking in Entrepreneurship-- a 19 year old's guide to askholing.

    Its hilarious, I agree with you 150% Good intentions of becoming healthy are worth a shit if you feed yourself fastfood and drugs. Same goes with business... Had to learn this myself but I am glad I know better now Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk Pro
  11. NFT

    How to reply to Losers and Haters?

    EXACTLY!! I still hate Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat BUT I have to get used to it at least with a business account to do PPC...
  12. NFT

    EXECUTION Healthcare Fastlane Journey (So far...)

    What goes around comes around. Surely most of those "CEOs" won't achieve anything worth speaking of.
  13. NFT

    EXECUTION Healthcare Fastlane Journey (So far...)

    Exactly!! I just finished school and I have to say it was a pain in the a$$. The amount of bias going on is really annoying. But anyways, not our problem anymore. Agreed, there is really no shortcut in entrepreneurship, although a lot of people think otherwise. "Here, just buy this product...
  14. NFT

    EXECUTION Healthcare Fastlane Journey (So far...)

    Virtual high five! Really nice introduction. I especially agree with what you said about time. Everyone gets the same 24h each day, its just a matter of how one uses them. "I dont have time" means "It is not a priority right now" because if it would be very important to people, they could find...
  15. NFT

    Personal mantras and cold showers

    Thanks for this advice. Been taking cold shower for a few days now, it is awesome! Feeling really awake and refreshed in the morning.
  16. NFT

    NOTABLE! Fear and Action-Faking in Entrepreneurship-- a 19 year old's guide to askholing.

    Man your post was the funniest thing I have heard all day :D Cheers
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