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  1. NanoDrake

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    If we are lucky. I'm looking closely at Turkey and Italy that might be the triggering factors While I'm pretty sure Italy won't default - Turkey remains a big question mark for me.
  2. NanoDrake

    MEETUPS Malta Entrepreneurs

    @Contrarian mate, re reading your post I'm like "still as is" lol :D Welcome Mattpo, if you put up something, let me know
  3. NanoDrake

    Jordan Peterson is creating own online university to destroy college “indoctrination cults”/Marxism

    CLEAN YOU ROOM BUCKOS!!! I love JP, this is something that I have to process honestly.
  4. NanoDrake

    Do you have health insurance?

    Who is the crazy fellow that would go without health insurance? it's a huge black swan. When you will need one, you will regret not having one.
  5. NanoDrake

    Fiance is calling my business "his/our" business, threatening to sue me

    Well I guess this creates quite a Bias towards him... My personal goal, like everybody else, is to drop him right away, but before doing that, act smart and ask legal counsel if he's a surgeon (tho broken) and he feels he can sue and get away with millions a la "the social media" story, Jeeee...
  6. NanoDrake

    FEATURED! What's going on with Elon Musk? Eccentric or going mad?

    In the meanwhile, somewhere else, Jeff Bezos polish his rocket dreaming to be the first on Mars
  7. NanoDrake

    Where are all the Mobile Home Park Investors?

    MAN! where do I get deals like this??? lol?
  8. NanoDrake

    FEATURED! Dressing For Success... Stop looking like a fool.

    I thought you were doing "memento style" with post it notes on each item with the colour :D :D :D :
  9. NanoDrake

    Real Estate Finally evicted tenants from my $1,250 house after 4 months

    You guys complain about 4 months? Try 4 years.... Yep, try Spain, Italy, France... the magic of Socialist agendas :bored::bored:
  10. NanoDrake

    FEATURED! Dressing For Success... Stop looking like a fool.

    @Kak How you match colours if you are colour blind :D :D ?
  11. NanoDrake

    BOOK The Most Important Book I Read in 2017 - Principles by Ray Dalio

    Think yourself as a machine operated from the outside and the meditation
  12. NanoDrake

    BOOK The Most Important Book I Read in 2017 - Principles by Ray Dalio

    Does anyone here feels like that the first part ( the life principles) are a mix of Stoicism + Buddhism?
  13. NanoDrake

    Is writing a book fast lane?

    Quite sure you aren't getting what he said...
  14. NanoDrake

    FEATURED! Dressing For Success... Stop looking like a fool.

    I really can't understand all this pain around wearing a suit and tie. Maybe I'm Italian and this concept of being dressed in gym clothing everyday is a bit foreign to me, but seriously, dressing sharp isn't such a torture, plus, if done correctly, isn't that expensive either... Can someone...
  15. NanoDrake

    Would like to hear opinion of successful people. Getting Capital

    I'm usually against "scraping the barrel" fundings WHY? 1) If you have proof of concept, you need rocket fuel to go into space 2) Nowadays, if you have a good idea, prepare for competition, is not a "IF" question, it is a "WHEN" question. The question is "When someone will come to take my...
  16. NanoDrake

    How did this founder of a group become the youngest billionaire in Africa?

    A lot of Western Europeans (including north America culture block) thinks that Africa is just a bunch of poor black people being lazy all day long, which if you think about it, is completely non sense. Yes, there are challenges, yes there are problems, but never underestimate the possibilities...
  17. NanoDrake

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    I'm staying cash or very near liquid position, when shit hit the fans, is when you buy and make profits!
  18. NanoDrake

    NOTABLE! A Fastlane Test - What is Your Locus Of Control?

    LOL thanks for resurrecting this one up, I took the TEST but this doesn't know about Nassim Nicholas Taleb When you think it was all on you, think again, destiny might have helped you ;-) ( that's how top brokers get churned in wall street, they think they are the best and know it all)
  19. NanoDrake

    A Note for People Seriously Struggling

    @Vigilante , your reply kicked me in the face, thank you dearly for bringing your spirit in here, it is really a gift to us all
  20. NanoDrake

    Advice: Has Anyone Groomed Themselves to Enter The American Elite?

    The simple gesture of pouring wine into the ladies glass is just absurd nowadays for a lot of people :)
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