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  1. CROJosh

    19 y/o offered 6 figure investment. (Need Advice)

    You’re here and that’s huge. But it sounds like you’re playing entrepreneur and running out of lily pads to jump to. Consider that you’re minimum wage job may be the best thing you have going for you - I’d double down on that and see if I could move into a sales position and build up capital.
  2. CROJosh

    Are we living in an advanced simulation?

    That sounds like the slowlane with extra steps.
  3. CROJosh

    I’ve studied Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Behavior for 10+ Years. AMA.

    But what have you done professionally to prove any of your theories correct?
  4. CROJosh

    Are we living in an advanced simulation?

    Maybe, but does it matter? It doesn't change what we do or how we do it, nor how or what we'll do in the future. Everything goes on forever in every direction, from the universe to quarks- what exists is only limited by the tools we have to observe it, not to mention we have no clue as to why...
  5. CROJosh

    O/T: HEALTH What supplements do you take?

    Used to take 10-12. D3, krill oil, magnesium, ala, curcumin, coq10, green tea, l-carnitine, l-theanine, berberine, creatine, ginseng and others depending on the recommendation. Had a bad panel and got a little nutso for a couple of years. Went from that - a labdoor-reading, examine. com...
  6. CROJosh

    NOTABLE! If I can't start a successful business, should I just buy one?

    "Money-chasing" isn't a slight against money but describing someone who is prioritizing events over processes instead of finding solutions to problems for their market. My point was that he's trying to get his monthly nut, not get rich overnight.
  7. CROJosh

    Another Slice of Humble Pie for 404, Failed SAAS

    @404profound can you repurpose this for something else? What if you went upmarket and targeted the managers who struggle to lead those millennials? They have money and problems with ghosting, job abandonment, finding and keeping good young talent, etc. This could be a product tailormade for...
  8. CROJosh

    NOTABLE! If I can't start a successful business, should I just buy one?

    To anyone saying he's money-chasing, ease up; he's looking for 5K/month not a milli by December. @MakeMoreMoves Tip: In ecom, you don't run ads for sales, you run ads for information. The return on your ad spend comes from lifetime value of the customer. To raise this you need a safety net that...
  9. CROJosh

    What Are Some Examples of High Income Skills?

    Humility, Empathy, Gratefulness, Dogged Persistence, Resourcefulness and the ability to get out of your own way.
  10. CROJosh

    Real Estate The business that will change the real estate world (for the better) and obsolete realtors.

    Here's the problem with disruption: sometimes the better outcome is if the current solution improves instead of breaks. People love great agents but they're outnumbered by crap agents 10 to 1. So if agents got better and made it easier for buyers and sellers, people would choose them over...
  11. CROJosh

    Has Amazon become a monopoly?

    Yes. But it seems new antitrust law would have to be created because they're immune to what exists - the new thing would probably have to regulate it as a utility or protect/offer compensation for competitor's information. So that leads to another question: would new laws ding Amazon without...
  12. CROJosh

    FEATURED! Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    I think that was MJ’s reasoning for the gated HOA - an upper middle class market tenant paying a premium for the lifestyle/statement. But bad tenants/criminals are relative, I live in a “nice” part of town and we have our own kind of crazies.
  13. CROJosh

    FEATURED! Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    Very interesting, I didn’t consider the RV/depreciation angle. However I do think as municipalities see the cashflow, codes will change - and if you can insure it and borrow money for it like a house, do you think it becomes a different animal?
  14. CROJosh

    FEATURED! Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    Test site going up in Tempe next spring. ~$200/sqft? Interesing idea. With rents on rise, city makes room for 'tiny homes' on land it owns The developer: Tempe Micro Estates | Newtown Community Development Corporation Tempe Micro Estates | Community Land Trust | Home Ownership |
  15. CROJosh

    GOLD! Getting Rid of Cold Calling Anxiety Using Brute Force

    @TheFrancophile ok, agree to disagree I mean we’re all in the same boat. Although I’d warn against leaning on theory over practice. It sounds like you’ve watched a lot of conference talks and read a lot of articles, and hey if you’re personally killing it with inbound that’s awesome and I hope...
  16. CROJosh

    GOLD! Getting Rid of Cold Calling Anxiety Using Brute Force

    For the sake of my own business, I hope all of my competitors agree with you. Email gets deleted faster than junk mail and most social is garbage drama - even linkedin is becoming saturated with bro marketing. But when I call people, they answer. And when I can solve a problem, they...
  17. CROJosh

    FEATURED! What's going on with Elon Musk? Eccentric or going mad?

    Weird times. Thoughts, words and actions used to be different things that carried different weight. Now thoughts and words are considered actions. There's no time to work through an idea or experiment, it just becomes canon for your persona. Not defending or piling on but it makes you wonder if...
  18. CROJosh

    What fastlane businesses can be started and ran anonymously?

    Well, I wasn't joking either. They may not know your account balance but they'll see all the things you don't do because you don't have to. Ok seriously: think of the unsexiest industries that have been around for at least 100 years. Accounting, construction, insurance, commodities, food...
  19. CROJosh

    What fastlane businesses can be started and ran anonymously?

    Yeah, you can't hide from your friends and family. You should face them now before you have billions otherwise you'll just look petty.
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