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  1. broswoodwork

    Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Oof.... Wish I didn't even find this thread, to be honest. I only pop in a few times a year, and I was out building my small boring irrelevant business during the crypto bull run. There's a lot of big names in here. People who's advice, unbeknownst to them, has been critical in me...
  2. broswoodwork

    INTRO Looking for a better life Online

    Beginner: From Freelance Copywriter To eCommerce Brand Also, search for posts by the user Lex Deville. (I'm embarrassed about not knowing how, to or if I can, tag other forum users)
  3. broswoodwork

    telescoping rods

    Way over my head, and I'm probably missing the whole point, but I'm getting a ton of results for extruded aluminum cylinder prototyping. I found these guys first: Custom Aluminum Extrusions | Extrude-A-Trim
  4. broswoodwork


    Same here years ago, only with millionaire fastlane. I don't get over there much anymore, because crypto isn't really my thing, but best of luck to you on your journey broseph.
  5. broswoodwork


    > dat pepe tho Presumably from /biz/? Welcome to the river of gold, bro.
  6. broswoodwork


    Read unscripted about a year ago, and I've been shifting my self-employment thing (that I got rolling after reading Millionaire Fastlane) into a real business ever since. It's kept me so busy, I haven't had a chance to say I've read it here, although I do recommend it first for people asking...
  7. broswoodwork

    EXECUTION Starting an Agency helping Amazon Sellers

    A bit off topic: (sorry) Where can I find some more info on your service? I don't know if it's in my budget to have done professionally presently, but I'm gradually moving my business from being exclusively on a different online marketplace venue, and this may help streamline the process of...
  8. broswoodwork

    EXECUTION Fastlane On-Ramp from Self-Employed Slowlane?

    Ok, so the parts are all built, and the 1099 guy is super gunho about this being an on on-going relationship. Part one of this plan is checked off. Part two: I'm stuck in crutches (from Unscripted) style trap, and I need to break out. My standard business has been booming, so booming in fact...
  9. broswoodwork

    What Are Some Examples of High Income Skills?

    Every other skill listed in this thread hinges on this skill before it's worth a penny. A phenom software architect, that builds his own os, can be living in mom's basement; a mediocre web dev, with a stolen idea, can create a global empire by selling himself and his system. Edit: My first...
  10. broswoodwork

    Why are there no “guru” courses on carpet cleaning?

    Shit! That's a new one too... See? This is why need to stop disappearing for years at a time. I need to swing through and catch the highlights like 15-30 a day/ every other day year round vs binge 3 hours a day for a month and bounce.
  11. broswoodwork

    INTRO Every Millionaire Should Read This Intro!!

    Hi Mansa, Well, I've already learned one thing from you. I need to learn to write more exciting posts. Thank you!
  12. broswoodwork

    Why are there no “guru” courses on carpet cleaning?

    I was looking for that one all day yesterday! I read it about a year ago and forgot to bookmark it. Here's some other ugly real world business threads that I've found very applicable to my boring business: (maybe they'll be helpful to op) NOTABLE! - [Progress] Growing a Cleaning Business...
  13. broswoodwork

    Why are there no “guru” courses on carpet cleaning?

    I run an ugly business. I just modified MJ's book with mental images of myself middle-lane driving in a box truck instead of a fastlane in a lambo.
  14. broswoodwork

    GOT Fired and hired myself .

    ^ this please I got laid off from my dream job and started my self-employment thing, so I definitely appreciate the Chinese concept of crisis having two meanings. I had 6 months of ui to write my name across the sky or go back to working for assholes. It helped me start selling right away to...
  15. broswoodwork

    EXECUTION Fastlane On-Ramp from Self-Employed Slowlane?

    Alright... Got a guy lined up to do the contract fabrication of the most time consuming parts I have to build to produce my products. Edit: Found him via posting an ad in labor gigs on Craigslist. It's going to cost me about 10%-20% of what I currently sell them for per unit, but will save me...
  16. broswoodwork

    EXECUTION Fastlane On-Ramp from Self-Employed Slowlane?

    Hey Smark, Sorry for my brevity here. Been up and loading/delivering furniture since 1:00am, and I'm like stupid tired. I started fiddling with shopify, and I definitely have a lot to learn there. Can you imagine? I actually suck at shopify; that's how ecom illiterate I am... Presently, our...
  17. broswoodwork

    EXECUTION Fastlane On-Ramp from Self-Employed Slowlane?

    *First process thread and attempt to add some value here. Sorry if my plan is shit (I'll hone it as I go), but better to get rolling with something, and do it in a way where I'll feel accountable both to my self and the legends that contribute here, than just keep flailing wildly.* I'm Daniel...
  18. broswoodwork

    Im either blind or opportunity avoids me

    A set of these with Tony Hawk's face etched into them?
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