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  1. MaxKhalus

    Online from 12:30AM to 1 AM. Message me then, I like hearing from more Unscripted Entrepreneurs!

    Online from 12:30AM to 1 AM. Message me then, I like hearing from more Unscripted Entrepreneurs!
  2. MaxKhalus

    Clarifying my purpose, goals, direction

    Hey, you seem interested in this topic. I wrote only one post with my profile which you should check as it answers you that question (how to shift to that one thing). Concerning to FBA, it seems to have a lot of potencial, but being a begginner is as frustrating as hell. Basically because of...
  3. MaxKhalus

    HELP!! (How to challenge yourself?)

    Let's get this as simple as it is. You know how to make money, you know were you want to be. You know exactly every single step, but it's not compelling enough. I feel bored about this... how do you make your daily goals CHALLENGING enough to feel that your effort worths it? I've just realized...
  4. MaxKhalus

    Why should I have kids?

    Genetical modification. Consider it as a project where you can create super humans. Well, at least I would like to do that. It depends on what your goals are.
  5. MaxKhalus

    NOTABLE! WTF does Tai Lopez do?

    Look at this video for TJF, you'll get it quickly : View: So, possibly nothing to do with reading
  6. MaxKhalus

    EXECUTION [CRITICAL] Right in front of you, the Execution Script you need

    I’ve taken I while to set up this information for you Fastlaners, so you’d better take attention to this. Now, this content could easily take an hour of our time so, before you keep reading, make sure that you match at least one of these conditions to make sure this content is for you: You...
  7. MaxKhalus

    Are direct sales skills necessary for entrepreneurial success?

    Long story short man, they're not. But that's where all the BIG BIG money is made. Concerning to the cold calling, as you can imagine, it's hardly effective. So, yes, selling is a MUST and definitely something I want to learn right now. But I would practice 'closing' rather than cold-calling...
  8. MaxKhalus

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    Ok, let me ask you something about FBA Advertising. As you already know is pretty easy to spend hundreds of thousands if not millions into PPC. What 'strategy' do you recommend, specially for a so-so competitive market? (I mean top 12 sellers around 100 reviews, 300-500 sales average)
  9. MaxKhalus

    What problems do you have on a daily basis?

    I mean PPC in FBA is 10x more effective to get sales when you have at least 1 review. I consider that a good way to launch a product and ensure its profitability
  10. MaxKhalus

    Clarifying my purpose, goals, direction

    Hey, I'm here again! Yeah, it's been a while, almost like travelling to another planet and back. I'm here to reply those questions you had. And hopefully you can share with us the progress who have just made! So let's start ith what I think that will impact your life the most: money -> freedom...
  11. MaxKhalus

    What problems do you have on a daily basis?

    My problem? Not having enough reviews in my product so I can start running PPC and make it with FBA business. Sure someone could help with that. Regardless of that, I'll be here trying to solve your needs too, why not.
  12. MaxKhalus

    What is your planning phase like?

    Oh, I forget to mention WeekDone, perfect for making any plans and setting up team objetives
  13. MaxKhalus

    I really don't know how to find out what product I should try selling...

    Firstly, you will have heard it lots of times, but you need to have a bigger confidence in your product. There are simply no win/win products. If you have enough confidence, you would look for items which success chance may be 70% or less. The more lucky you believe you are, the more you try...
  14. MaxKhalus

    100 days of 100 blocks challenge

    The one thing I used the 10minute track was when working in a project. It was effective for different reasons: - It's not the same working 100min straight than working 10x10min(straight too, doesn't matter). I noticed than your productivity depends on how much time you have. It may sound stupid...
  15. MaxKhalus

    Clarifying my purpose, goals, direction

    Hi, It is pretty interesting goal setting. If you asked for suggestions, if I were you...: (This is what I am actually doing) I would pick only one of all those objectives for a simple reason: there's almost always a clear hierarchy, which means if you perform in an excellent way the most...
  16. MaxKhalus

    INTRO Is 'Highly-educated' the best investment for the rest of your life?

    Running out of ideas? If you are looking for your passion, here is what you should know: Passion = [Doing What You Love] x [Doing What You're Good At] x [Doing What Is Marketable] x [Doing What Contributes] As you can see, failing at any of any of these 4 elements will instantly make your...
  17. MaxKhalus

    What is your planning phase like?

    You probably do not expect answer. Anyway, this is how do I plan: We are fastlaners, which usually means that we make money working for us. That is being 'selfish' with our time, because it is far more valuable that money. So an entrepeneur has two main power sources: money and time. And time is...
  18. MaxKhalus

    RANT 16 years old enterpreneur losing motivation.

    The most difficult part? That is actually what you are suposed to do! Learning and developing a product is not starting a business, it's becoming valuable and that's another story. Go learn how to sell, long story short. There's a lot of stuff out there. And do not lose motivation for...
  19. MaxKhalus

    RANT Why is everyone forcing me to get good grades and saying I won’t be successful otherwise?

    Well, it's all about goals. What make you think that performing worse in school will make it more difficult in bussiness? It is not about skills nor capacity, but purpose. When you think something is meaninless to be put in the effort, then you wont, regardless your talents or advantages...
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