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  1. Paladin

    Would you apply for a job like this?

    Never go into a job without a backup plan and an exit strategy. Most people spend half their time at one job looking at job openings on etc. It sounds like a lot of people are abandoning ship and this company is on the way downhill. Just weigh the pros and cons. You might learn...
  2. Paladin

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's 2019 Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial for Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now!

    Hey Lex, In some of your videos you talk about different personality types and body types. I can see how this affects the language in your communication with clients. Can you point me in the direction of where you are basing the personality types for your structure? I read through this and...
  3. Paladin

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's 2019 Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial for Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now!

    As someone who hires for lots of gigs on UpWork, I can tell you that this thread is SOLID GOLD. Often the person I hire bids way over my initial estimate. Sometimes I hire for jobs and I don't know what I'm doing. Last year I started my first comic book. Initially, I thought it was a single...
  4. Paladin

    MARKETPLACE Build Your First Product Fast

    Hey, I'm really sorry that the wrong link got sent out. This is what you should be seeing: I just did a test login through your account and it worked, but you must have been sent an email with the old login details. I just sent you a personal email with all your access info. I apologize for...
  5. Paladin

    MEETUPS 2019 Fastlane Summit - Announcement

    I'm trying to run my own first event, so I know the struggle of selling tickets. I've only been on the forum a short while, but I was already thinking about how to fly from my tiny island to Arizona to make it there. I can understand the stress of logistics and I wouldn't have even tried to...
  6. Paladin

    Not sure if I should offer SEO, web design or social media services

    You want to sell a single service that you can explain in great detail. I started my online journey selling SEO on craiglist. Just master ONE pitch and explain how you can get them more customers. While web design is cool, selling SEO is the best of your options. Web Design only gets paid...
  7. Paladin

    Pornography: Fastlane or Dead Business?

    Building out a porn website is NOT fast lane. Building a platform is. Building a site where OTHER people make the content and you sell it is fastlane. Examples of this are cam sites. Who do you think makes the real money? The girls or the company selling "tokens?" Sites that let you make...
  8. Paladin

    INTRO Hello from a Tropical Island

    Thanks for the big welcome and of course you guys are always welcome to visit. Our clientele are all twenty-somethings who are looking to surf, party and get naked. As long as they do those off-site, that's fine by me. If you like sleeping in a dorm, then you'll love it here ;)
  9. Paladin

    Youtube's #1 Earner is a 7 Year Old Who Plays with Toys

    In my experience as a dad, when my kids have the actual toy from the video - they would rather watch the video than play with it. I think it's like the "let's play" video trend over the past few years. We have a generation of kids who would rather watch someone else play a video game than do it...
  10. Paladin

    Prototype vs. Validation vs. Patent. What to do first?

    Sorry that your idea died, but at least you found out before investing more money into the project. Starting with research was the right move. As soon as I saw your post about FDA regulation, I got nervous. That can be a timely and expensive process. But this is JUST the beginning. I can't...
  11. Paladin

    EXECUTION Artists journey [Nicholas Cato]

    It's awesome to see an artist on here developing a monetization strategy. To experience true success, you'll need to find a way to remove the middleman. Although you can't to it right out the gate, you need a long-term plan for selling your models and graphics directly to your customers...
  12. Paladin

    Youtube's #1 Earner is a 7 Year Old Who Plays with Toys

    My kids can't resist those shows. I've seen some videos with north of a billion views that are nothing less than mind-numbing. All they are is commercials for products and you have to be vigilant as a parent. If you understand how much revenue YouTube is making from their side of those ads...
  13. Paladin

    I have a business nobody can copy, my product is well made with good price. Help me sell more.

    When you post online, you're going to get thousands of opinions and ideas. Hopefully, one of them gives you some value. I once went to a jeans shop in London with a friend of mine. He knew one of the guys there who was a jeans EXPERT. This was something I had no idea existed. The guy made...
  14. Paladin

    INTRO Hello from a Tropical Island

    Glad to see I'm not the only islander on here. Even when you have a bad day, it's not that bad here ;)
  15. Paladin

    Calling out people who quit Engineering, Law, Finance or Medicine (ELFM)

    It sounds like you keep seeking more information before you take any action. Whether it's reading books, attending some bootcamp, or asking people on here what to do. You're caught in Paralysis by Analysis. A good decision now is WAY better than a great decision too late. You don't need...
  16. Paladin

    INTRO Hello from a Tropical Island

    My site and my brand are called Serve No Master. I share more stores in the Insiders section of my process and progress.
  17. Paladin

    EXECUTION Quit 9-5 Job plan

    Great job tracking your progress. The better your records, the easier it is to stay on course!
  18. Paladin

    Competitor concern in a niche

    Having a single competitor is market validation not a reason for trepidation. It's a sign that people in this market want a product like yours to solve their problem. That's far better than a product where you have to "educate the market" If there is no way to differentiate your product from...
  19. Paladin

    WIX vs Having a professional create a website

    It's a testimonial to WIX marketing that everyone is asking about them lately. I got an email about them last week. Maybe I'm a dinosaur, but I've been using Wordpress since 2009 when I switched over from Blogger. If you're really struggling with code, then using a builder like that is a good...
  20. Paladin

    Getting Leads but no sales? Need advice!

    I'm a little confused by the structure of your funnel. But there is a critical error hidden in the middle of your post. You don't have any reviews or testimonials of the product? Social proof is CRITICAL to making the sale. While there are better copywriters than me on this forum, I do...
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