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  1. mizchels

    What time do you start your day?

    I'm up at 5AM for a run or a swim; back for coffee, email, shower, etc. before work; errands and into office around 9-10AM, more or less. Usually there until 7PM or so, going home to read articles, trade mags or books to get better at what I'm doing or learn something new. Fall asleep around...
  2. mizchels

    A Fastlaner's Rainy Day

    I just got jivved up from the "100 Reasons to join the Fastlane", so here's my quiry: What do you do, as a Fastlaner, with a rainy day? As in, a free day to yourself to do whatever you want--no schedule, no obligations, the day is yours. Read a leisure book? Take a hike? Research? Visit a...
  3. mizchels

    OFF-TOPIC Cramer's New Deal with

    Woohoo, Cramer is rolling it in. Like him or hate him, he seems to have just signed himself into a sweet new deal through the next few years with The article link:
  4. mizchels

    Respect this Forum or Lose It

    You guys have all my respect. I feel like a 5-year old, sitting cross-legged on the floor, staring with my mouth gaping open as I listen (read) your posts. I hope that whatever shadow may have fallen to inspire this thread is lightened by the rest of the energy here.
  5. mizchels

    How to develop your PLAN

    This forum has got to be one of the best habits I've picked up in...well, in my life. :) For the most part, it's supportive, energetic, resourceful and intelligent. I love this thread--this one has such a stick factor. It seems like most of us who have taken this challenge are still with it and...
  6. mizchels

    How to develop your PLAN

    And....the biggest leap: today I just signed a lease on a new apartment, cutting my rent by 40% a month! I got to thinking about it when I first read this thread. A few days later, a friend dropped a tip of a good place she new of for much less rent. I hated to think of moving--but after that...
  7. mizchels

    How to develop your PLAN

    Ok, I've been tracking this for a couple weeks now. My expenses haven't surprised me much, although I have noticed that I'm not reaching for a few of the "little extras" that I was just grabbing without thinking prior to this exercise. I have found the greatest sense of freedom and then energy...
  8. mizchels

    Real Estate AAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Yahoo! Fantab! Good luck with that!:eusa_clap:
  9. mizchels

    Lots of new members

    Yes, but despite that--I'm one of the new ones and thrilled to be here! You guys are doing a great job. The time and efforts you put into this are truly appreciated. :hurray:
  10. mizchels

    Don Herrald's Opinion of the Fed

    Whoops. My bad. I spelled "Don Harrold" wrong. Sorry!
  11. mizchels

    Don Herrald's Opinion of the Fed

    I just watched this blurb from YouTube with Don Herrald: In it he emphasizes that the Fed lowered rates only to benefit the large banks, like JP Morgan, so they could do things like buy Bear Sterns. He says the Fed has disregard for the...
  12. mizchels

    OFF-TOPIC Living near family

    I moved away for that reason. I grew up and went to college in a rural area, stayed close to home and was very close to all of my family. I still am close to them at heart--I miss them dearly--but I knew in order to get my wings, I needed to branch out. Growing up in rural West Virginia, the...
  13. mizchels

    Profitability of Video Gaming?

    Hi guys. There seems to be such a broad range of good (and some not so good) ideas, jobs, experience and talents here. I have a general question of curiosity for you. A buddy of mine has recently been spending considerable amounts of time playing video games, earning real money and paying real...
  14. mizchels

    Ideas for building capital

    You know, one thing a friend of mine here has done in the past few years to raise a considerable amount of money without TOO much stress is to create a community directory. The directory has phone numbers of people and businesses as well as local menus, maps, island info (or city or wherever you...
  15. mizchels

    How to develop your PLAN

    Whewee. I'm really happy to post my list, thanks again for taking the time to consider it and letting me join in. ---------------- A. Who Am I? - a creative - an artist - an adventurer - motivated, ambitious - a web/technology lover - a fashion lover - value healthy living/eating/athletics -...
  16. mizchels

    How to develop your PLAN

    Thanks,Russ! It's Sunday, two days since I started. I'm keeping track of the weekend expenses and plan to post with my value lists at the beginning of the work week. I'm excited that it's sticking on my mind--but trying hard not to let it influence any buying decisions. So far I'm most amused at...
  17. mizchels

    WEB/DIGITAL Open Source Video Software?

    You know how there's quite a few open source software programs that offer the basic features of many high-end ones? I use FTP open source software, and there's options for photo-editing, word processing, etc. Does anyone know if there's any decent options for basic video-editing software besides...
  18. mizchels

    How to develop your PLAN

    Zoinks! At the risk of sounding too gooshy and sentimental, I've just read through all 14 pages of this thread. Holy cow, I'm SO inspired now! I'm afraid I joined after this had started and didn't run across this until now. Apologies for being the latest bloomer right now. :) Reading the...
  19. mizchels

    WEB/DIGITAL Web Design Software?

    Likewise--sketch out an idea, Photoshop it, slice it up and code it out in Notebook or something basic. Dreamweaver can be helpful if you're not familiar with hand-coding. Frontpage can get really messy in code. Flash is nice for some applications. If you're aiming to put together your own and...
  20. mizchels

    The Y (WHY) Concept Direction

    This is a great point, just want to emphasize. In some areas where the cost of buying land/building/mortgages are high, it can really pay (or rather, save) to rent for awhile. If you don't have your parents' home as an option, this can be a smart move. Avoiding the property taxes alone can be a...
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