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  1. Supercar

    Found a motivation! I want to go live in Brazil!

    An expat job would be ideal. Better than even not working because you immediately get things to do, friends, learning the language and the culture in situations not available to tourists, and you get paid to do that too. I have been searching for some expat jobs through friends. It's tough now...
  2. Supercar

    Found a motivation! I want to go live in Brazil!

    Is making money online or outside of Brazil is pretty much the only way for a gringo?
  3. Supercar

    Expat living abroad Diff countries every 6 months do I pay taxes?

    If Shopify is paying you directly and sending you the Canadian equivalent of Form 1099-Misc, then you are generating a Canadian income. But I bet things are different if Shopify is hosting a site of a foreign company incorporated in the Bahamas. Disclamer: I am not a tax advisor, so be easy on...
  4. Supercar

    Expat living abroad Diff countries every 6 months do I pay taxes?

    It appears that if you are a Canadian, and your company that is paying your salary is registered in the Bahamas, then you would need to pay the Bahamian business and personal income taxes (if there are any). If you had been a US citizen, then you'd still have to pay the US taxes too because...
  5. Supercar

    Looking for some honest feedback... selling shorts.

    You desperately need better pictures. Right now they look like plain loose fitting shorts for men with skinny legs. The third picture I am not even sure this is a man's lower body, as the shirt widens from the top to bottom. You need athletic bodies in your pictures, something that people would...
  6. Supercar

    Buying and selling Powersports for a profit?

    So your success strategy is to skateboard the sidewalk?
  7. Supercar

    Any Jordan Peterson fans out there?

    Does he have a map there that is more like my map, where if you think and work hard, you will do well, the world will help you because it loves you, and the omnipotent God won't come and kill your family and make you suffer for eternity? I am honestly thinking that a guy with his mind should be...
  8. Supercar

    {Success Story} Feeling stuck? A six month case study of when I dropped everything to buy a business

    Yep, that's me. Making a good thing better takes up way less of my energy than starting from scratch. Couldn't get into the Summit last year. How do I make sure to not miss the next one?
  9. Supercar

    -Caution- My wife's doing MLM

    MLM is immoral because, as a pyramid participant, you are are not creating much of a value. You are up-selling your hand lotion because it could make your buyer rich if he/she, in turn, upsells it to many other buyers. In the end, the folks who get screwed are those at the bottom of the...
  10. Supercar

    -Caution- My wife's doing MLM

    My ex-girlfriend quit her job in 2009 to do Arbonne full-time. She was doing Arbonne from 2005 to 2012. She must have been doing well because we never had any money issues. In 2011 she jumped onto another MLM program called Isagenix. She said it had a faster growth and was more profitable. Her...
  11. Supercar

    Interactive Website Fastlane Business - Question!

    ... my perverted mind has autocompleted this with "jacks#!t". :happy:
  12. Supercar

    How to legally pay no taxes... possible?

    A moral dilemma?? My moral dilemma is that my taxes are going towards building bombs, bombing other countries, killing innocent people, and feeding the parasites that never worked and never paid taxes.
  13. Supercar

    Scaling a Cleaning Service Business

    Keep in mind that real estate construction is an extremely cyclical business. You need to be able to attract qualified cleaners quickly when you need them, and lay them off or reduce their hours when nobody is building. Or branch out into office and residential cleaning to reduce the effect of...
  14. Supercar

    Scaling a Cleaning Service Business

    $900 to clean a 3,000ft^2 house in 10 hours is $90/hour. Sounds reasonable and competitive to me. It's a human resource business. To grow this business she would have to hire good workers, most likely Mexicans, and managers.
  15. Supercar

    O/T: FUNNY Paper towels or Blow dryer?

    Paper towels. Quicker, they feel better, and yes, you can use them to open doors. Our local Whole Foods has some contraption, like a sheet metal hook facing down, to be used to pull the door open with your foot.
  16. Supercar

    Pornography: Fastlane or Dead Business?

    Wrong. Writers, singers, other multimedia authors -- all spend their time creating content. But they are not paid $50/hour for their work. If you sell millions, you make millions.
  17. Supercar

    Pornography: Fastlane or Dead Business?

    People watch and read free stuff on the Internet (youtube, blogs, articles), but they still pay for Netflix, movies, pay-per-view fights, and even paper books. If you are good enough to sell things, then this is a fastlane. If you are only hosting other people's stuff you are not creating...
  18. Supercar

    Pornography: Fastlane or Dead Business?

    There will always be free and pirated porn, but the market is so huge that there is still a plenty of room in it for good paid sites.
  19. Supercar

    Pornography: Fastlane or Dead Business?

    If you can attract subscribers, then it is a fastlane. I like porn. And I like sex, masturbation, alcohol, pot, dirt bikes, roller coasters, and many other things. But I never went into excess and never had addictions to these things. There is value in all these things, if used in moderation. I...
  20. Supercar

    Anyone in the education industry? (K12)

    My ex would be very interested in this. She does a lot of multimedia work with schools. Tell me more, I will link you up.
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