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  1. AllanB

    Finding Needs/Wants

    I think you limit your possibilities of ideas. Selling a service is much broader than selling something useful in everyday life. For example, a need that would be quite universal would be to help other people and businesses attract more customers (and thus earn more money). This is what a lot...
  2. AllanB

    EXECUTION My failed poor executions

    The question is so simple. Your answer is so... incomprehensible (for me). It is not surprising that you have never sold anything. You have a communication problem in my opinion. Have you been diagnosed for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder?
  3. AllanB

    A Day In The Life of a SlowLaner & a FastLaner :D

    There is money to be made if you sell courses or if you are a broker. I stop to intervene on this post because it is not the subject. If some people want to think that forex trading makes money and believe in great marketing stories, that's their problem.
  4. AllanB

    A Day In The Life of a SlowLaner & a FastLaner :D

    I know the world of brokerage pretty well and there is no long-term profitable day-trader, whatever the initial capital. If people think they can beat the market, good for them. They can also bet their money at the casino, the possibilities of gains will be higher.
  5. AllanB

    A Day In The Life of a SlowLaner & a FastLaner :D

    Do you mean to be an internet guru? Because it's Ricky's real job. His goal is to make people believe that they can make money easily via the internet. And it works very well because most people want a better life and are willing to pay to keep believing. Total bullshit. PS: what is sold here...
  6. AllanB

    LANDFILL Fastlane idea? ICO kit?

    ICO covers many aspects: technical, legal, financial, commercial. What do you offer exactly? Some technical guidelines? I don't think you provide legal consultancy. Who is this average Joe? An individual? An established company? Sorry but it sounds very abstract in the way you present it.
  7. AllanB

    LANDFILL Fastlane idea? ICO kit?

  8. AllanB

    LANDFILL Fastlane idea? ICO kit?

    I dont understand what is your offer. What can do the average Joe exactly with your CD?
  9. AllanB

    Facing The "No One Is Doing It" Myth.

    Ok so you are afraid to ask your friends to pre-order/buy your products. It says a lot about your trust in this business.
  10. AllanB

    Abandoning Fastlane Temporarily for Career Change in Slowlane?

    I am really tired of unrealistic financial plans. 200,000 * 5% = 10,000 USD per year or 833 USD per month. You are not retired at all with as little money. It just pays the rent. Have you personally saved more than $ 200,000 in the last 3 years?
  11. AllanB

    NOTABLE! My attempt at creating a brand by selling on Amazon

    I think you have this edge: You live in a country with a very famous industry --> the "Deutsche Qualität" Why don't you search locally for a high quality product, add value in order to have the best available product on the market, and then sell it with high margins? Don't you think it's more...
  12. AllanB

    NOTABLE! My attempt at creating a brand by selling on Amazon

    Can you disclose your criteria?
  13. AllanB

    NOTABLE! My attempt at creating a brand by selling on Amazon

    Maybe my question is stupid... but why do you think it will be different next time? - any entrepreneur have access to the same alibaba (or similar) suppliers with basically same buying conditions - any entrepreneur have access to the amazon (or similar) platform - any entrepreneur have access...
  14. AllanB

    EXECUTION From Drop-shipping Wantrepreneur to Fastlane

    That looks good! For sure you will make money.
  15. AllanB

    EXECUTION From Drop-shipping Wantrepreneur to Fastlane

    Did you already made sales (with another product) thanks to Instagram or Youtube?
  16. AllanB

    What's the BEST business decision you've made? What's the WORST business decision you've made?

    Worst business decision: Sell a specific legal service based on the outcome of a lawsuit -> completely dependent on the action of the lawyer and the decision of the judges. No control. It can only end badly. Never again. Second worst business decision: Engage employees and make expenses...
  17. AllanB

    Sidewalk "Entrepreneurs" who play lottery?

    Sometimes (because we never know).
  18. AllanB

    INTRO Fallen trader looking for redemption

    Correct me if you think I am wrong @Songok. In Europe, we do not recruit a trader even if he is excellent if he does not have the right diploma. It does not pay well regardless of the performance (except in London). Be trader in Poland is an absolute dead-end job. To make 1 million in Europe, I...
  19. AllanB

    A Note for People Seriously Struggling

    I totally agree with @GoGetter24 in this thread. How can you seriously compare getting abs and succeed in business? - To get abs, you have to do physical exercises, the result is guaranteed. All you need is willpower. - To succeed in business, you need to work very hard, be smart and...
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