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  1. Rawr

    My car flipping experiment

    I dont rent, I saw this on someones ad and it was a smart move
  2. Rawr

    The #1 Book You Need to Read If You Want to Retire Early

    can you imagine your life if you didnt leave Chicago..scary shit right
  3. Rawr

    What do to when people say "don't chase money" in terms of following your passion but you don't have any passions?

    Ill share a little secret. At some point, you have to go and work, because you have bills to pay. If you dont full accept this now, and start planning clearly and thinking strategically, you will probably be in a crappy job wondering how you got there. good news is you can always start...
  4. Rawr

    My car flipping experiment

    protip for you - put this line in your turo profile : get your first ride free (or however$ it is ) when you sign up using and insert your ref code.
  5. Rawr

    NOTABLE! The MAIN difference between someone who makes 100k /year and someone who makes 1m?

    Asked a MM friend 2 days ago 'is it true person working your biz and making $50k vs you making MM is close to amount of work?' he said absolutely, thats to MJ's point early on. other thing i suppose is your motivation for doing it - one guy just cant stop making biz, and as he said 'i have a...
  6. Rawr

    GOLD! [PROGRESS THREAD] ChickenHawk's Self-Published Fiction EBooks

    I also think there is a time to look back and look if you can work smarter. Not saying I've figured it out but I know what the grind of writing for $ is. And I hope you're getting sweet points/rewards from FB ads by putting them on credit cards - that alone could be really good at those kind...
  7. Rawr

    RANT The slowlane sucks a$$

    Mj you need a smart guy to think of something creative. You could tell the IRS you had a room full of chimps helping with the books and charge that off..
  8. Rawr

    The Joe Rogan Experience - Elon Musk

    This turned Musk into a Rockstar. Once you're a Rockstar, you can do anything.
  9. Rawr

    GOLD! [PROGRESS THREAD] ChickenHawk's Self-Published Fiction EBooks

    @MTF great post man. So I've decided to give back a bit and go to a local writing group and tell them about self publishing. What key points would you guys make as I usually roll off the cuff and I think I might not hit on what they will find useful, since I write romance and I think most of...
  10. Rawr

    Which domain backorder service to use?

    I am interested in a domain, it SHOULDN'T be highly competitive, but it would suck if I did miss it. Who would you recommend using so I don't get stuck in the auction war? Would you use a backorder service at all? Would you go with someone big or are smaller guys just as good for not so...
  11. Rawr

    NOTABLE! When did you realize the system is rigged?

    I could echo a lot of stuff here - realizing employee salary vs employee's work to client (one lil biz i had i kept 90%, and just checked work and emailed it). I could echo feeling literally sick as I look at job offers on career sites (today's one was for marketing director, and it had...
  12. Rawr

    Getting from instagram followers to real buyers. Input wanted.

    So we have the samples from China and some good photos from a photoshoot, with fans engagement to the IG posts. Next step is a crucial one - getting pre-sales to fund this thing. China says it's 20 days to make the item. Need roughly 100 units pre sold to cover production. Shipping not yet...
  13. Rawr

    MEETUPS 2018 Fastlane Summit - Confirmed Speaker List

    Sometimes you wish you could go, and you don't, and other times you really can't go. If someone out there reading things they'd have to pull a few strings to go... just go.
  14. Rawr

    GOLD! So you want to know the EXACT steps on how to import and sell products on Amazon? Here you go:

    A great read. You got yourself some great experience that you can now leverage different ways. For example, you can do consulting now. You can partner now with the other person bringing $ and you bringing the rest. Way to go.
  15. Rawr

    GOLD! [PROGRESS THREAD] ChickenHawk's Self-Published Fiction EBooks

    ChickenHawk Intro - Where I Confess My Failures to then 10k a month on ads. Haha :)
  16. Rawr

    Getting from instagram followers to real buyers. Input wanted.

    Good input, thank you @amp0193. Another question that came up was - I read over the licensing standard vs extended, and I'm not too clear. One one hand they say you CAN put images on mugs/tshirts (if it's not the main image), on the other hand they want $1500 for 25 photos on deposit photo...
  17. Rawr

    Getting from instagram followers to real buyers. Input wanted.

    Thanks for the inspiration from the instagram marketing thread, my gf had started hers about 6 months ago in the girls stationary niche category. She is at 10400 followers with good response/likes numbers. She now wants go branch into actually monetizing it, by offering physical products. The...
  18. Rawr

    Fastlane Investment Banker or Entrepreneur?

    Do yourself a favor, call up some firms and ask to come 'job shadow' just to see what the actual work is. See if you like making hundreds of calls a day or other things if you're not going to do selling. Depends how in debt you will be after you get out of college. IB is good money, very long...
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