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  1. richRich

    EXECUTION You! My own Journey of Financial Independence

    Hey Haus, just a little tip from a developer: I don't think, you need HTML and CSS skills for your use case. To get started most quickly and with the most professional look, I'd suggest you go with wordpress and use free templates. Professionals spend tons of hours on them using different...
  2. richRich

    WEB SCHOOL Web designer

    This is the trade-off of giving up control. You could host it yourself, but this comes with quite some overhead. So, what's the alternative? In the end you'll always have people, for every hosting provider who experienced some problems here or there. And tons of people who are ok with...
  3. richRich

    cloudgreen === cloud-ready

    cloudgreen === cloud-ready
  4. richRich

    WEB SCHOOL Web designer

    sorry for off-topic, but since I am reading all of this valuable information: I am about to set up a a new bluehost for my new blog right now, so feel free anyone to send me a private post with a bluehost link (first come first serve)
  5. richRich

    Best MJ DeMarco Quotes?

    A good one for handling your finances pops up in my mind every now and then: "if you think whether you can afford it, you probably can't" - Freely remembered from TMF
  6. richRich

    How to overcome distractions

    Just yesterday made a major change/decision in life, so that this lizard brain part was successfully terminated. Now after this post all uncertainty is vanished and feeling...
  7. richRich

    Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    In my early audiobook days I tried to take notes inside the audible app, but I literally never came back to them again. It's kind of unhandy to revise audio notes.. Now I just pause the app and take a note, either just a quick sole one or as a part of a list when a book bursts with relevant...
  8. richRich

    Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    I personally have not experienced yet a full day of mindfulness in everything I do, but I totally believe that it can be extremely productive. However, you may be able to train your mind to eat calmly and with enjoyment as well as at the same time to get deeply involved into a book that you...
  9. richRich

    Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    is it how you calm down after a busy day? :)
  10. richRich

    Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    I always start at 2 - 2.5 and go down gradually if I miss stuff. I always wonder how sometimes my brain adopts to 2.2, especially in my native language. And by the way, there is training involved too, so that you'll get better at "speed listening" with time. I find it crazy as well like OP is...
  11. richRich

    Making Money Online with Gambling

    So, you are out for our TMF-poker-night. Only solid fish allowed :hilarious: Does your winrate come from playing online cash game? Yeah, the stress factor is not to be underestimated: all the highs and lows in addition to the inhuman lifestyle (living at night, f*cked up casino food if you...
  12. richRich

    One Piece of Advice for Selling?

    true, exactly like job interviews. You always learn something new.
  13. richRich

    One Piece of Advice for Selling?

    Apropos pitching, there is probably a no better book for understanding a great pitch than "Pitch Anything"
  14. richRich

    INTRO Author, Blogger and Epicurean philosopher

    ¡Óla Señor! Very interesting approach... How have you come to choose Epicureanism as your "favorite" philosophy? I've found that "Epicurean: Introduction to the Epicurean Way of Life" on Audible is a nice, short introduction to get a very good overview of the epicurean core concepts in a few...
  15. richRich

    One Piece of Advice for Selling?

    @Bekit thanks for this checklist! What I could add to this: 1. think through many possible sales conversations. Have an answer for many possible objections 2. Train your speaking/rhetorical skills I really liked a piece of advice to explicitly not give a discount. This could impact your...
  16. richRich

    Estonian e-Residency

    So, from what I've just researched, I can't see a huge business opportunity there. The main obligatory steps for the GmbH Setup are: 1. set up a "partnership agreement/contract" (I guess this is the part where you'd want some lawyers to help you out when you have a complex use case? With a...
  17. richRich

    How do you guys structure your day with purpose? Constantly feeling like I am running "Behind"

    First of all, if you managing your schedule for real as you describe in your OP then you clearly should get a lot of stuff done. You definitely don't lack motivation. If I were you, I would probably put the most work into shifting my mindset from "running Behind" to "I crush it". Because...
  18. richRich

    Making Money Online with Gambling

    as I was reading and writing this, I realized we should do a Millionaire Fastlane online poker tournament at some point (sorry for offtopic :D )
  19. richRich

    Making Money Online with Gambling

    Having played professionally live and offline I just can underline the points made above. It may be fun at the beginning but can also quickly become a liability and repetitive as time goes by. You may feel sometimes as an assembly line worker. Being on this forum you might be more interested...
  20. richRich

    INTRO Slowcoach to the fastlane

    You have some impressive story mister, and you've build quite some stuff already! I am sure you will get there with some consistency, and as you describe it yourself, with some "pushing through". May I ask you, why have you left Malaysia for Andalucia? I and my wife are also on a constant ride...
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