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  1. Forbes article: How 20-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Built A $900 Million Fortune In Less Than 3 Years

    She's the equivalent of people born into billionaire families. Because she was born into that particular family she has an incredible level of fame and social media following (which is worth as much as money now) She could sell a plain pair of socks and be a millionaire instantly... she...
  2. EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    I'm outcome independent. I just want to make sure i 10x my input.
  3. WEB SCHOOL Showcase your (web)design skills HERE

    No offense but if you've spent the last 20 years coding and spent just 0.001% of that time learning some front-end web dev skills you would have a decent looking site. As it stands i'd wager a newbie going through a web dev udemy course would have an infinitely better looking site than yours...
  4. RANT Google is not your friend

    @Denver, have a look into headspace - you need it.
  5. RANT Google is not your friend

    This is comical. Why are you making all these threats to google? Do you think they are going to see your post and change how they do business? A multi billion dollar corp? Really. Cmon. This "power of 5" nonsense is the funniest thing i've heard all week. Sounds like some sort of Sci-Fi sith...
  6. The cost of your dreams Chapter 37 of Millionaire Fastlane

    I always find it strange when people map out what they will spend all their newfound money on... before they've even began making it. Although, i may be wrong - you may be taking action as we speak?
  7. RANT Google is not your friend

    Relax. I really hope this post is a joke. Google doesn't have anything against you. They are so big they are bound to have issues like the ones you described.
  8. Countries to live in to optimize your costs

    Medellin, Chiang Mai and Bali are the "in" ones for DN's atm. I stayed in Thailand for a few months and i would recommend Phuket over Bangkok any day. Haven't been to Chiang Mai though, i like beaches too much.
  9. GOLD! How bad do you want it? Enough to go "all in?"

    That's why the Soviets used to shoot retreating soldiers. If you can't go back you will sure as hell fight F*cking hard to go forward. I'm going to move abroad in Summer 2019.
  10. 3 Friends Starting An Internet Business 2019

    Why do you need 3 people to start this? Are you focusing on CPA or affiliate marketing? Or both? You'd find that they are fairly different with fairly different communities.
  11. 1) Get good at something 2) Sell your services

    1) Get good at something 2) Sell your services
  12. How's the copywriting going?

    How's the copywriting going?
  13. EXECUTION My Journey To A $100M eCommerce Empire

    $5/day ads still work? I remember that being all the rage back in 2015/6 - surprised you can still get valuable data from $5/day.
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