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  1. Roz

    Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    I too failed twice before. One time I absent mindedly ate a cookie and the second time I forgot to take a progress pic. I am in.
  2. Roz

    RANT The Personal Development SCAM

    Don't read books was NOT my message. Don't just keep on reading without action, was the message. In case I wasn't clear.
  3. Roz

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    GaryVee today launched his cartoon show on YT for kids. The Saturday morning cartoon series would be a great watch for kids who show early entrepreneurial signs.
  4. Roz

    RANT The Personal Development SCAM

    Today, we have so many books/courses/videos/seminars on how to get rich. But lately I have been thinking, how did guys like Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford get super rich, in times when there were no books or courses on how to get rich. Something to think about. @Kak said it best:
  5. Roz

    Beginner's Guide on Who to Follow! (2019)

    @amp0193 - Ecommerce @JAJT - Ecommerce and Sales
  6. Roz

    Thanks for the reps Bekit

    Thanks for the reps Bekit
  7. Roz

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    @Ericito I would like you to read this short PDF. ( Thanks @LibertyForMe. He posted this in one of Vig's threads) It might help you to see things from a different perspective in your business. Also, add this to your vocabulary -...
  8. Roz

    GOLD! Did It: Zero to $12k a Month While Traveling the World

    I think this is the one. Web Design Business Foundation Fox also created some excellent threads: GOLD! - How to Learn Code, Start a Web Company, $15k+ per month within 9 months Fox's Travelling the World while Coding Thread EDIT: Thank you for sharing your story @GoodluckChuck. It was...
  9. Roz

    Create Value

    Create Value
  10. Roz

    LANDFILL Why do poor people, like OP, think they know everything? Trump, trump, trump...

    Yes, you are wrong. He doesn't care. Unscripted: Chapter 8, Page 44: HYPERREALITY #4: HYPER-PERSONALITY. Read it. The answer for your question is on that page. It's not "rich" people's fault if they appear as if they know everything. It's the fault of the mind, that sees rich as a...
  11. Roz

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    Wow man @Ericito It seems you have excellent cheesecakes All you need is some balls
  12. Roz

    GOLD! If you ever feel "stuck" - read this...

    BUMP To all those who are...... scared to start stuck in analysis-paralysis waiting for inspiration over-whelmed worried about the already lost time searching for the 'one word' LET'S DO ONE THING EVERY SINGLE DAY TO MOVE CLOSER TO OUR GOAL
  13. Roz

    When you don't have ideas. What should I do today?

    GOLD! - No network? No money? No idea? No education? NO PROBLEM!
  14. Roz

    I hated the book " The 4 Hour Work Week". Yea, I said it.

    @GregTK, If you have read TMF, post in the below thread. GOLD! - I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane! If you have read UNSCRIPTED, post in this thread. GOLD! - I've Read UNSCRIPTED! You will get your badges shortly after you did.
  15. Roz

    Quote of the Day - QOTD

    Try for just a single day, a whole day when you refuse to acknowledge fear of failure, fear of making yourself look like an idiot, fear of losing your lover, fear of anything and of any kind. Fear will creep back, but laugh at it and tell it to take a hike. Go on. I dare you. If you can do it...
  16. Roz

    What are Your Favorite/Top Podcasts You Listen to?

    This could help you. Best Entrepreneur Podcasts? Favourite Podcasts What's your favorite Podcasts?
  17. Roz

    NOTABLE! If you could only pass on one life lesson to everyone on this forum, what would it be?

    In life, only few things matter. Find those few and work on it every single day.
  18. Roz

    VOTE NOW! Book #4: Vote for Next Book Discussion!

    Thick Face, Black Heart Chin-Ning Chu
  19. Roz

    15 Signs You'll Never Be Rich (Millionaire Fastlane is promoted?!)

    Productocracy.......Pull versus Push..... jeez.... @MJ DeMarco shouldn't you be practicing the exact opposite of what you preach?? lol Good things takes time to come. When it comes, it beats the shit out of mediocrity. Let more people be Unscripted.
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