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  1. Anyone use CLICKFUNNELS?

    I saw the owner, Russell Brunson give a presentation on Click Funnels at 10X Growth Con 3. I can't remember much of his presentation because his audio was messed up, but I do remember him saying his company (Click Funnels) was worth over $300M. He's under 40 and started out flat broke if I...
  2. NOTABLE! You’re not selling wholesale?

    Certified funds only. Copy of valid ID card. Signature receipt, and only HE can sign for it.
  3. Connecting With Instagram Influencers

    Instagram considering change that would hide the number of likes on posts Instagram influencers days may be becoming numbered... I wonder what the back up plan will be if this takes effect.
  4. GOLD! SUCCESS STORY - Cantwait2

    RIP? To him or this thread? What happened?
  5. Tony Robbins sells out; reveals his Paradox of Practice, cringeworthy.

    He's coming to Chicago. I was stunned to see he is offering tickets as low as $19.99. Never thought I'd see that from him. His ship in this lane seems to have sailed. There are new guys taking over this space (Gary V, Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Eric Thomas, etc.). I could not get into Tony...
  6. What habit changed your life?

    At 10X Growth con Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone and a couple others were vehemently AGAINST making up your bed in the morning and how it sets the tone for the day, etc. etc! lol I honestly forgot the reasons WHY they said this did not matter, but when I heard at the time it made sense. Tai Lopez...
  7. What habit changed your life?

    Wow! I just wrote this. I didn't read any posts, just the title of the thread. Yup, To Do lists have REAL POWER!!!
  8. What habit changed your life?

    Obsessively making (physically writing out) To Do lists. This has transformed my life. I KNOW my targets. I KNOW what I need to do to reach them. I KNOW when I missed them, and how/why. I can refer to my lists and measure where I am winning and where I need to focus. To do lists also got my...
  9. As lost as I was 2 years ago but with 100x more skills. Not sure what I want to do.

    If this is true, you will never be broke a day in your life! Sales is everything!
  10. What's MJ's Story on How he turned TMF into a best seller?

    There is a saying in my community (Black) that if you want to hide something from us put it in a book. (signifying that we don't read-- and that the knowledge gained from the book is POWER)... This book has EMPOWERED me in a way that nothing else (maybe international travel) ever has. I feel...
  11. What's MJ's Story on How he turned TMF into a best seller?

    I told a friend about this book last week and she got it the same day. And we just so happened to be discussing it just TONIGHT:
  12. What's MJ's Story on How he turned TMF into a best seller?

    I can tell you how I found the book... I had just gotten fired from my job! I remember feeling how I had no control over whether I could earn money or not- I believed I was at the mercy of my managers/supervisors. I had a $2,000 per month house payment and I now had no clue how I was gonna pay...
  13. How I built a following of 3.8 Million on Instagram. Blueprint

    I'm interested in knowing the answer to this question as well, if anyone knows... (I'm inclined to believe that you are correct with what you have written here...But would like to hear from someone who knows...)
  14. OFF-TOPIC Last Minute Christmas Gift For Men

    I decided to get the KISS tickets, they will be in our city in March and the Leatherman Wave. That way he can have an experience (concert) and a gift that he can a lot of use out of! Thank you guys so much for the help!
  15. OFF-TOPIC Last Minute Christmas Gift For Men

    Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions! I'm gonna get on my laptop and respond my cell is dying! Happy holidays fellas :)
  16. OFF-TOPIC Last Minute Christmas Gift For Men

    This forum has a lot of men on it. Can you guys please help me?! I need a good gift ($500 or less) for a man who is 54. He has interests in cars (buy and flip as a HOBBY), music/concerts (Can't find any good concert that {I think} he might be interested in). Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton...
  17. INTRO Is 'Highly-educated' the best investment for the rest of your life?

    I personally believe highly advanced social skills/people skills will be the best investment for the rest of your life. With social skills you can navigate any setting, make a meaningful connection, build trust and rapport. From there you can accomplish anything, because it will be with the...
  18. RANT When you cut off people no one is left

  19. WEB SCHOOL How much would you price this website?

    Very important. As someone who eats out 365 days a year, and has a hobby of trying tons of restaurants and new restaurants I rely heavily on Yelp for the reviews and pictures patrons have posted of the actual food being served. Most Yelp reviews link to the actual website which has pics of all...
  20. WEB SCHOOL How much would you price this website?

    I don't know how much its worth but the fonts you used makes the website look old fashioned and dated (as well). It looks very similar to the original website... The only difference to me seems to be the icons are sliding on to the screen, instead of just sitting there. Is this a fast food...
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