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  1. Cvince

    Jet Ski Rental Companies

    I recently spent some time in the Caribbeans and I met a guy who runs a Jetski Rental Company. He told me he was netting 200k/year from just one location and 3 employees. Now, the thought of owning a Jetski Company sounded good to me. I was just wondering if any of you fastlaners have...
  2. Cvince

    Dealing with porn and other addictions

    Best of luck with overcoming this. Side Note: Can somebody tell me how to hide this thread off my main page?
  3. Cvince

    EXECUTION Kickstarting my own Instagram Marketing Agency

    This is a very unethical way of obtaining clients. You're proving fake engagement under false pretense. Sounds like fraud. Diving even further, all bot accounts have a time limit to their ip addresses. Every follow and like your providing will vanish within the year.
  4. Cvince

    Lex DeVille's - 200 Mostly Offline Rental Business Ideas

    You could then place items into a themed category. Like a long term rental-package for the kids youth.
  5. Cvince

    Beware Those Offering To Hire You Too Easily - Meeting A Psycho For Coffee

    The guy you met with probably has a day job. I bet he tries to setup this hustle as a passive income. Now, It sounds like the typical commission pyramid bs. The only way to make serious money is by having a fleet of guys working for you. Recruiters try to brain-wash you with a long term pipe...
  6. Cvince

    EXECUTION How does my new site look?

    Here's my two cents; - The logo looks very amateur. I suggest hiring a professional company to get this done. If you cannot afford a professional logo you can create something basic with a non-copyright font. - The website is overly simple/basic. As a consumer I wouldn't be sold on your...
  7. Cvince

    Which brand name from these two choices

    Jayne Paul for sure.
  8. Cvince

    EXECUTION Quitting my 80k job, moving out of state to start a consulting business from nothing

    Have you tried cold-call businesses over the phone to get a feel for it yet?
  9. Cvince

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    It's better to over deliver and under promise. Then to under deliver and over promise.
  10. Cvince

    OFF-TOPIC More than half of all millenials think they'll be millionaires

    "You can't judge an apple tree based on a few bad apples." - Cvince
  11. Cvince

    FAILURE The Fyre Festival Fraud; Get Rich Fast Providing Perceived Value, Over Actual Value

    There's an entire documentary on this. I believe it's still on Netflix. These guys really did try to pull of the impossible.
  12. Cvince

    EXECUTION 5 months to make 10k per month

    A great start is to go to a janitorial cleaning company and buy deadstock multi-purpose cleaning wipers. When I was in Highschool I was buying packs of 120cloth for $3 each, and I was selling them for $20/pack d2d. I could easily sell 2-3 packs/hour on any given day.
  13. Cvince

    NOTABLE! What if you already know enough?

    It's refreshing that many are starting to wake up to this fact. I think school is for people who want to be become certain professions, ie; doctors, lawyers, etc.
  14. Cvince

    NOTABLE! What if you already know enough?

    I have always been against the way our school system teaches. I believe it creates more of an employee mindset.
  15. Cvince

    NOTABLE! What if you already know enough?

    I think it's a common problem where people over research and under deliver. I believe it ties into a quest for a shortcut on how to make money. When in reality people just need to get started. The over researching leads to self-doubt which leads to procrastination which leads to the business...
  16. Cvince

    The Partner Problem

    Sounds like you need to buy him out of the company.
  17. Cvince

    EXECUTION Roast my store!

    To add to this, you can reach out to influencers on IG via DMs. Tell them you can sponsor them in exchange for them to model your product.
  18. Cvince

    Need feedback and giveaway

    Did you use a template to create your ads? Because they have a generic template vibe to them. Anyways I would redo both ads. I wouldn't recommend targeting commercial quality clients until you can produce professional editing. Now, IMO you should try to specialize in niched edits instead of...
  19. Cvince

    OFF-TOPIC More than half of all millenials think they'll be millionaires

    I think it's more of an optimism rather than the actual belief.
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