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  1. Paul Weese

    EXECUTION Real Estate Brokering to Fund Fastlane

    There has not been much going on in the tiny home subdivision project. Being Summer in a resort town, I have been busy with basic activities of real estate brokering. As well, my partner has been busy in his business as well. It has been difficult to meet, let alone move a project forward...
  2. Paul Weese

    EXECUTION Real Estate Brokering to Fund Fastlane

    The past week was uneventful. Development is often slow, especially when the market for property is so strong. We aren’t worried about finding a good deal, just one that has a property with sewer. I didn’t think it would be so difficult. So now, we have four properties we are trying to get...
  3. Paul Weese

    Best freedom businesses to invest in/buy

    Those are good questions. Niches I find consistently have customers are Health and Wellness (especially working with stress/depression/focus/diet), and commodities (especially providing products to oil and gas). Often I think the more boring a business idea is, the more ability it has to...
  4. Paul Weese

    EXECUTION Real Estate Brokering to Fund Fastlane

    Wow, I can't believe it's been more than two weeks since I updated this thread. It's been up and down with acquiring the land. Money hasn't seemed to be the biggest problem, land has. My market has been on an upswing for a few years now and property owners are wanting the most money for...
  5. Paul Weese

    Calling all CLOSERS. Need sales advice!

    Your next question is buried in their last answer. The flow will lead you both to the solution needed.
  6. Paul Weese

    >>Farmers Fridge. The HEALTHY Vending

    I think the concept is excellent. I've been a fan of vending machines for a long time. They are almost like houses where you collect rent every month. My favorite story of vending machine success is from a real estate auctioneer who used to own every vending machine in Wyoming. He had to...
  7. Paul Weese

    Should you worry about the competition? I'm afraid to scale

    I still struggle with checking out my competition. When I catch myself doing this, I have to remember that comparison takes the fun out of execution. Being focused on my plan is what keeps me sane and the cash flowing. There are enough customers and dollars for everyone to get what they want.
  8. Paul Weese

    Startup of Legal Cannabis Business - Worldwide - Profitable?

    There are many ways to invest in legal cannabis. Yes, there are the grower/dispensary models, but there are also wholesale grows, and derivative products from flower. There is good money in leasing warehouses, providing security systems and teams, cash transport and storage, packaging...
  9. Paul Weese


    I get it. Here's some ideas: ebay for used grow equipment warehouse with maybe a forum for folks to trade other items like home size concentrate machines thcporn: high res photo of the day with a 'daily special' on paraphernalia or grow equipment, selling similar to
  10. Paul Weese


    The top one is the best. When I was trading domains, I'd cold email prospects directly who could use the name. There is also Flippa, and others like it. I've seen folks try eBay and CraigsList but don't know how they did. Ganjaprenuer has a forum for selling them as well. Advice from Domain...
  11. Paul Weese

    Last time you were bored?

    I'm never bored. Curiosity runs rampant in me. But there are those times when clothes shopping with my wife...
  12. Paul Weese

    EXECUTION From Fired to Cold Calling

    Stoked to see bounce back so well! I've cold called on a regular basis selling solar products. I would search the largest/well-awarded companies and call directly to their sales manager or CEO. I often get the decision maker. Initially it was hard, and after a week or so, I was challenging...
  13. Paul Weese

    The Miracle Morning Audiobook

    I have great respect for that book. My morning routine has made many parts of my days go so much better.
  14. Paul Weese

    Marijuana entrepreneurship; industry discussion

    Having watched the Colorado market in comparison to the national market now for a handful of years, I'm convinced my favorite way to invest in the cannabis industry is through the OTC. Control of your funds for the long term is difficult until the Feds release their designation. In the...
  15. Paul Weese

    EXECUTION Real Estate Brokering to Fund Fastlane

    The past week was cumbersome. Typical in development, we had a large delay come up, and also a great new partner join the team. Our project was set for Planning Commission review on May 3rd. Our General Manager asked for another three weeks before closing. The owners of our lot, now in...
  16. Paul Weese

    BOOK Ramit Sethi - "I TEACH YOU TO BE RICH" - how legitimate?

    I also read it and did a little more with his material. I found it useful for sure. It has wisdom that can enhance Fastlane process, especially when caring for excess capital on hand. As well, I don't stop reading books that may be helpful. On the Fastlane bookstore page, I've read half of...
  17. Paul Weese

    RANT This Is How Fast Your Boss Can Drop You

    I've been fired twice, both times because I was two steps ahead of the owner and they didn't like it. In both situations, I was grateful and it led to better days.
  18. Paul Weese

    Real Estate RE - to sell or to hold?

    When I'm purchasing my property, the leverage I use is related to the interest rate every time. An ARM is a good choice given that we normally live in our homes about 7 years before moving. With an ARM, how far will interest rates rise over that time? 3-5% is possible, and if you've got good...
  19. Paul Weese

    EXECUTION Real Estate Brokering to Fund Fastlane

    My first development deal in my area came from talking to a person I was just meeting. It was an odd encounter where, after a tense conversation relating to HOA’s, led to a coffee meeting. At this meeting, I found this person was starting a small development in a town near me. The town is a...
  20. Paul Weese

    What do you do when you have no ideas

    This is very true. I just had this experience and now I have just enough opportunity to keep me busy and can tell more is on the way.
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