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  1. phlgirl

    Making solid returns in Real Estate where do I find investors?

    Greetings ladies & gentlemen! Long time, no chat! :) Network, network, network! Ask your realtor(s), mortgage brokers, CPA, lawyer, etc. Be prepared to prove your track record - on paper and actual live tours of your past/in progress projects. May also want to consider partnering with other...
  2. phlgirl

    What books are you reading currently?

    I stumbled upon an interesting series of small business books, produced by Entrepreneur Magazine. Numerous industries are covered - anything from Car Wash to Bed & Breakfast. The books are written with input from successful owners, specific to that particular industry. I am currently...
  3. phlgirl

    What books are you reading currently?

    Alright, Snowbank....... what have you been reading? ;)
  4. phlgirl

    How to find a reputable clothing manufacturer?

    Manufacturers: Global Sources I cannot speak to the credibility of any specific company; however, this should get you a list of potential manufacturers, for your product type. Perhaps, then poke around on the internet to find reviews/feedback specific to a given company.
  5. phlgirl

    WEB/DIGITAL Putosys - Has Anyone Worked with them?

    Thanks, guys. Snowbank - what's shakin? No particular reason for selecting this company. In fact, they approached me, via my site. I would love to get some growth and simply do not know enough about the industry, to make intelligent decisions, for moving forward. The company provided me...
  6. phlgirl

    WEB/DIGITAL Putosys - Has Anyone Worked with them?

    Hi Nilesh, Impressed that you found this post so quickly. Thank you for the information; however, I already have a proposal/estimate of work from Putosys. My intent of asking this question was to see if anyone here had done business with you company and had any feedback, from the customer...
  7. phlgirl

    WEB/DIGITAL Putosys - Has Anyone Worked with them?

    Anyone here have experience working with Putosys Company? They are an India based company - providers of SEO, web development, content development, etc. I know next-to-nothing about SEO - wondering if outsourcing might be worthwhile? Any thoughts? Pros/Cons? Thanks!!
  8. phlgirl

    Real Estate Nation of renters and hoarders

    This is more good news for landlords/storage facility owners. How might opportunity be seized here?
  9. phlgirl

    Affordable rental homes hard to find

    This can mean great opportunity for landlords, if you play it right. Is your area lacking affordable rentals? Mortgages are tough to come by, forcing people into rental situations, and some folks are just plain gun-shy, after losing their homes in foreclosure.
  10. phlgirl

    What books are you reading currently?

    After finishing The Millionaire Fastlane, I am now reading the following: What If and Why Not - Jen Groover - book is about getting past the mental fears which often come with entrepreneurship. and re-reading How to Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnegie - it is as if I never...
  11. phlgirl

    WEB/DIGITAL Best Way to Start when End Goal is Manufacturing

    I see your point, Jack. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. phlgirl

    WEB/DIGITAL Best Way to Start when End Goal is Manufacturing

    Trying to understand the best practice when launching a new business online. I am going to use a hypothetical scenario to see what folks think is the best approach and why? Let's say you were planning to develop a new line of luggage - your end goal is to manufacture this line, brand it, and...
  13. phlgirl

    What would you go with $150k?

    A few options: Assuming your friend is only playing poker for income and therefore not likely 'bankable', in the traditional sense, you could invest in property with a larger down payment. Smaller multi units - duplex, triplex, etc. may be a good place to start, depending where you are...
  14. phlgirl

    WEB/DIGITAL Fastlane Contest Idea Brainstorm...

    For some reason, the Lambo idea seems the most 'viral' to me - I feel like I can see that on the news, etc. Willy Wonka struck me the hardest though.... that would be FUN! Watching the 'golden tickets' get uncovered.... multiple chances for exposure, in multiple cities/countries. Do you...
  15. phlgirl

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Fantastic read, MJ. Thank you. I finished the book last night and now have plenty to think about. My first love/monogamous relationship is RE but I am absolutely a polygamist-opportunist! I promised you an iPad review: I only picked up on one error - page 289 - where the first bullet item...
  16. phlgirl

    Laptop Bag/Sleeve survey

    Friends and I were chatting about what constitutes the perfect laptop bag, according to different people's needs. If/when you have a moment, I would appreciate your feedback on the following survey. Please feel free to add additional comments about what features would be important to you...
  17. phlgirl

    Real Estate Real estate development...

    Very cool! Congrats on the progress. We just bought our first peice of land (happens to be a house on it). We will be knocking down the existing structure and building our first house from scratch. While we have plenty of experience rehabbing, this venture will provide lots of new...
  18. phlgirl

    Real Estate Advice for first time home buying? {primary residence}

    Lots of good advice here. If it were me, I would spend some time hitting different real estate offices, asking for a 'Bank Owned' list. More and more, this is something realtors are prepared to give. We were out in NV this week and stopped by a Century 21 office because they had a sign on...
  19. phlgirl

    Anyone From Philly, PA Area Want To Mastermind?

    Depending on the number of participants, perhaps, it might make sense to try a conference call first and then determine some type of agenda for a meet-up? Just a thought.
  20. phlgirl

    Any ideas on how to push my cupcakes?

    In Philadelphia, we have a lady who sells cupcakes from an old FedEx truck, throughout the city. She 'tweets' about her daily location so people know where/when to find her mobile operation. She has gotten some great press and seems to be making a decent income. Buttercream - Welcome to...
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