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  1. Pauly-FL


    Read Unscripted. Will get the audio version of both Millionaire and Unscripted to help internalize these valuable concepts
  2. Pauly-FL

    OFF-TOPIC What was your first car?

    That was a cheap hot rod! Had a cousin with one the had a Hurst floor shifter and would let me drive it - even though I was 13!
  3. Pauly-FL

    OFF-TOPIC What was your first car?

    A 1974 VW Thing - Acapulco edition. VW only brought the Thing in from Mexico for two years: 73 and 74. They didn't want to invest in the new 5mph bumper and other safety mandates for the 75 model year. Looked like this, but with a heavy, very hard to remove fiberglass hard top. It was geared...
  4. Pauly-FL

    Changing Your Name

    Personally, I see it as something that would be hard to keep up - unless you have already been doing it. My example is my first name: it is Paul. But everyone in my family calls me Pauly. None of my friends or anyone at work calls me that, only family. I used it here in the FLF as I want to...
  5. Pauly-FL

    INTRO A mum seeking freedom :)

    Welcome! Just wanted to congratulate you on recognizing and removing you and your children from an unhealthy environment. I never understood why a man would make his wife and children's (especially the kids) lives so miserable because of choices he made. Glad you moved on.
  6. Pauly-FL

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    Two that come to mind: 1 - Hernia Institute of Florida. Freed me from having to worry about standing around and from taking Advil all day long. Hernia surgery is all they do and Dr. Gilbert designed his own mesh device that was THE solution for my hernias. I have two of those mesh units in me...
  7. Pauly-FL

    NOTABLE! What is the WORST "value" you ever paid for?

    a NASCAR team jacket. Used to go to the Homestead race weekend, which is the last races of the season. Saw my favorite driver's team jacket on sale as I was leaving. Thought they were in the "better to sell it at a discount than to re-stock it" mode. Turns out they knew, but had not...
  8. Pauly-FL

    Don't be a cheap a$$ business

    Assuming you gave them a $10 bill, they are also losing money by giving out incorrect change!
  9. Pauly-FL

    INTRO I want To Be A Success In Life And Overcome Personal Failure

    Look there - you have a real life example of of someone who was started with less than you and went and figured it out. You've seem to have done the math and know that you can swing your own place. Yes, there will be things that come up that you did not expect, but you will be able to handle...
  10. Pauly-FL

    INTRO I'm Late to be Here at 46

    Yes, it seems age is a barrier but we can't let that stop, or worse, scare us. As others have shown us - it isn't real.
  11. Pauly-FL

    INTRO Spark - the first step

    Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out.
  12. Pauly-FL

    INTRO Spark - the first step

    Thanks! I have begun UNSCRIPTED - the truths continue!!!
  13. Pauly-FL

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read TMF during an alone vacation and am recommending it to anyone that will listen. Read my intro post if you're interested in my TMF story
  14. Pauly-FL

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Great tip! Didn't think about using audio book for re-enforcement!
  15. Pauly-FL

    INTRO Spark - the first step

    Spark. Without it, the internal combustion engine cannot run. For many years I have felt like an engine without spark trying to turn over. I have burned through battery after battery and gallons of gas trying to turn over but never realizing there was no spark. My often envied corporate job...
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