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    fave podcasts (entrepreneurship)

    I was just starting to build out my property in Northern Bali when these guys started to get traction..... Pretty awesome how they had their first big successes via "cat condo", and mobile bar.. great content.
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    fave podcasts (entrepreneurship)

    entrepreneur on Fire.".. JDL cranks out a ton of valuable content...…. Starting to enjoy Ed Mylet quite a bit....
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    OFF-TOPIC What is happiness?

    Happiness is spending time and caring for the ones I love.....
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    fave podcasts (entrepreneurship)

    almost forgot about Mixergy… How I Build This " is brilliant.. thx
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    fave podcasts (entrepreneurship)

    Would love to hear some of the forums favourite business, entrepreneurship podcasts? Couple of my current podcasts in rotation are Ed Mylett, Gerrard Adams , and Chase Jarvis. Thanks to all who respond......
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    Absolute best Nootropics (Smart Drugs) for boosting Motivation, Memory, Focus and Mood

    micro dosing mushrooms has been incredibly effective for myself. Hard to eat and not lose weight. Possible win win. Intermittent fasting is always part of my lifestyle so offsets the lack of appetite...
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    $50k Cash... What Should I Invest in?

    I like the idea of buying 10k business and attempting to scale. rinse , repeat and study each failure or success. Maybe document the 50k process/ challenge via youtube.. Might make for some interesting case studies. First thing I would do is take 5 to 10 k and stash for emergency...
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    massive construction waste

    Good call. What we see here in Canada (west coast) is mostly wood waste. Wood waste I want to utilize via upcycle. Save the landfill and utilize building waste in a viable manner. Thank you for the response.
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    INTRO Let’s Go

    Welcome kind sir. This forum is far and away the number one resource for those wanting to build wealth through entrepreneurship…..
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    NOTABLE! How do you stop hating yourself?

    I think believing that you are a corporate Slave is a bit harsh. You are doing what you have to do to pay the bills my friend. You should take solace in your resilience and pride in the process. I have failed so many times yet I personally keep moving forward. The game of...
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    massive construction waste

    Have many years experience in west coast Canadian construction industry. The amount of waste that ends up in the landfill is very disheartening. Any fellow forum members utilize upcycled business waste to create products or offer solutions to this issue? thank you
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    tiny homes

    thank you very much. will definitely use the search bar going forward. Appreciate the advice..
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    tiny homes

    Curious if any Fastlane members are involved in this growing housing sector? Definitely a trend that seems to be getting some traction North American wide...
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    From being evicted to owning 93 rentals, my life story!

    quite an interesting turn of events. Ironic story for sure. Never really looked into the validity of owning and operating laundromats. Thank you for posting this.
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    INTRO excited to join community

    Have been lurking for several years. Read both of the Fastlane books and must say they are absolutely invaluable. Been actively involved in entrepreneurship/ self employment since the age of fourteen. Have had many highs and many lows as others may be able to relate to. Currently going...

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