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  1. JustinBoshans

    OFF-TOPIC Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk national achievers seminar

    I'm at this seminar in Nashville and it started off great! The first speaker did a great presentation about how to get moving, motivated etc. There were a couple more pump up speakers. At this point we're about an hour in. The next speaker did an hour long presentation which was just to get...
  2. JustinBoshans

    Youtube demonitizing channels on large scale. When MJ's right he's right.

    As the title says youtube is demonetizing large channels on a massive scale. They've always had a terms of service that was really vague but didn't enforce it very well until now. I keep seeing tons of videos about people saying oh youtube's my job, how am I going to survive, etc. Man, when MJ...
  3. JustinBoshans

    What's your number formula from TMF book?

    Hey everybody, I've been grinding hard for the new year and after reading TMF I set my number that I need to make at $10 million. I know there was a formula in the book for what your number should be. I lent the book to my brother and was wondering if any of you guys have the formula offhand so...
  4. JustinBoshans

    Needs, needs all over the place

    It still surprises me how many needs you can find once you tune your mind to it. I was at the good ol' slow lane job today, chatting with some coworkers and one of them mentioned that cremation is bad for the environment. Immediately the unmet need bell went off in my head. I did my research...
  5. JustinBoshans

    EXECUTION Boshans Progress thread. Nutrition info products.

    Hello Fastlaners, Justin Boshans here. I'm writing this to put a bookmark in where I am currently, to be held accountable (it helps me tons in my process), and to hopefully inspire others when I'm successful and show them every step of my process. There are tons of process threads on here that...
  6. JustinBoshans

    How does one grow a lead generation service?

    I'm very curious about how a lead generation service works and is grown. I have ideas but I would like to hear your thoughts. I also want to know how M.J. did it and what he did to work on the business. I figure he spent a lot of time programming and answering emails, but what else did he do...

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