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    WEB/DIGITAL Big problem: 8000USD in 2 months

    I made a promise to a group of friend that I shall earn 8000USD by May. Per month. As in at least that amount in my life staring from May. The issue is I don't know how? People are telling me I'm dreaming given how much more that is than I'm earning now. Way more than I earn currently...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Screensaver app regulations

    Are there any screensaver app regulations on either the Android or the iOS? I tried searching online without finding any answer
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    Cold calling vs Cold Approaching

    I called several businesses for my moving company website yesterday and all of them hung up after I told them that I'd like to promote their business on my site for free. There wasn't any time to ask them why they're rejecting either. Would it be better if I went to these moving companies...
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    Questions to ask a billionaire

    I was assigned a mentor through my school and was lucky enough that he happens to be a billionaire in who owns a massive international logistics company. I had always wondered what quality questions to ask him but never could think of many. Any ideas?
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    WEB/DIGITAL Smartphone app query

    An app I shall create for restaurants requires restaurants to upload their menu's and prices onto my app for consumers to order. Does this mean I'll also need a website for restaurateurs to upload this information onto the app, in addition to the app? Or is there a way to do this easily with...
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    1st sale after 2 years

    I made a site 2 years ago and just made a sale. I have no idea how it happened as I left the site alone as a portfolio site long ago. The profit isn't much but I was thinking of repeating the process. I have Google Analytics on my site can I use that or any other way to figure out what keyword...
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    2 ideas should, should I pursue both?

    Hey, I have 2 ideas that I'm very excited about. One more than the other. I do have the capital to develop both however they'd cut significantly into my savings. Also, my other concern is focus. If I made the 2 ideas into reality, I'd have less time to focus on each. One is an app and the...
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    Asking about commission rate

    I am planning to refer some clients to some companies. I was wondering how to ask them about their usual commission rate. As it varies from company to company and I wanted to ask them to let me know. How would you go about asking them to get a higher rate of response? My current short email...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Where should I advertise?

    I'm about to promote a mover aggregration site. However, the expatriate forums and real estate platform I've contacted wants 2000USD to promote my site. That's way out of my budget. Is there any other place I can do so for cheaper. I'm based outside the US in Asia.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Great idea for the moving industry

    Hey guys, is a great idea for the moving industry. I want to run a similar concept but I wonder if there are some areas for improvement in unpakt's business model. Here are my concerns/questions: 1. Return customers- For a website for food such as (which is a...
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    What's the moving/relocation business like?

    So far it seems very fragmented. I read that it was hit hard during recessionary periods. I have an idea in mind related to this business but I'd like to learn more about this industry first. For example, how do people select their movers ( i think it's mostly through referrals), what's the...
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    What are some high volume service businesses?

    Hey guys, What are some high volume service businesses?
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    Manufacture kitchen utensils

    I've got a design in mind for a new kitchen utensil. It's a slight modification on an existing utensil and I intend to market it to the catering industry. I was wondering whether should I go to manufacture it? I asked a friend and he said Wuyi in Zhejiang Province is the place to go. I was...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Dropshipping keyword research query

    Creating an online dropshipping site involves selecting keywords targeted to a country. With that in mind, while selecting a good niche keyword what is the minimum number of monthly searches one should expect to get for that keyword IN THAT COUNTRY? Say for example, if I were to research...

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