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    Back on TFL Forum after 2 years.. re-introducing myself

    I’ve been meaning to return to the FL Forum for awhile… It’s been almost 5 years since I first read TMF, and a year since I read Unscripted. I doubt any of you remember my last post from nearly 2 years ago (nothing special) and I won’t bore you with a long story of what’s happened between then...
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    Uber for personal trainers.

    It's a good idea, its being done like crazy in my area. Basically you are talking about a lead generation site for personal trainers. If its not being done in your area I'd say its as good an idea as you are able to execute.
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    How many searches per month indicates a good keyword?

    Good insights, makes sense. Yeah I read your thread on market research, very helpful. I'm looking into the mental health niche. I've been relatively successful in overcoming bipolar disorder (have down a job for years, paid my own way + savings and some windfalls in investment, decently...
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    How many searches per month indicates a good keyword?

    Question in title. I've been using the Keywords Everywhere plugin for chrome. How many searches per month indicates a good keyword or phrasing?
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    I want to make a course on how to quit gaming and be more productive

    Ahhhh you beat me to the punch, should have parsed the thread more carefully. I second everything in this post. EDIT: Just saw you asked about your course on r/stopgaming, I'm not necessarily saying this is the wrong approach, however I'd be more subtle. Rather than ask "would you buy my...
  6. F

    I want to make a course on how to quit gaming and be more productive

    I haven't parsed every response yet, however I think you may be on to something as far as PROVIDING VALUE. As far as need/demand, there's a Reddit called "stopgaming" with 16k subscribers. There's new posts every day, so I'd go so far as to say there is a moderate "need" for it. The question...
  7. F

    Fat Boy Matters • ASL: 29 / Male / California

    Sounds like you are trying to be yet another internet marketing guru with a sales funnel? I believe @Lex DeVille wrote a thread that’s now gold about that. “Learning all you can to be dangerous” to me sounds like “learning all you can to convince some sucker to give you half a grand”
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    Greetings! Here to get F*cking rich

    Hey, not sure what you do for the military, but among many security, self defense, and weapons guys here in the states they consider experience, especially in battle tested army like the IDF, to be a huge credibility boost to any security-type instruction you may provide. Have you thought about...
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    Fat Boy Matters • ASL: 29 / Male / California

    I’m not a fast lane success (yet)... but I can already see many errors with your mindset. 1) it’s clear you haven’t read MJs books. If you have, you haven’t taken away the most crucial points which (IMO) are: focus on providing VALUE, not making money, and, ideally, provide value using CENTS...
  10. F

    The only three sources of business value

    I’ve been reading this thread each morning as my caffiene kicks in... helps get my gears turning and kicks my discipline into action. @Late Bloomer you are providing us with amazing value free of charge. IMO this is approaching TMF and Unscripted level material. It’s directly applicable to...
  11. F

    Making Money For Dummies (And In a Crowded Market)

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Do you have a recommendation on learning how to write copy for EDDM? So far I've been doing a Udemy online marketing course but its mostly tailored to copy for blog posts etc. Still good though. Also, when I google every door direct mail I get a ton of results.. is this the site? Every Door...
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    Growing a local service business (side hustle)

    I'm starting a service oriented business as well locally. You're process is a great template and very inspiring. There are several competitors in my area but my service isn't their main purpose, as well as come specific-target market competitors that I believe have an inconvenient business...
  13. F

    If possible to provide an organically lower price for a premium service, is that a problem?

    MJ and others have discussed how "adding value" by undercutting competitor prices is a poor long term business model because it will become a battle for increasingly slimmer margins because of a price war. But what if your business model allows you to make profit while offering the same service...
  14. F

    Has Amazon become a monopoly?

    I recently read a book called Nomadland by Jessica Bruder. It essentially is the story of a new era of "vandwellers," many of whom are retirees who, for reasons both within and without their control, cannot afford housing and cannot afford to retire on Social Security (duh). Most of the time...
  15. F

    I Don't Think Fastlane Success will Fulfill What I Want.

    I agree, I want to pursue entrepreneurship, but as I said, in the time being I do need a reliable paycheck with benefits. I will continue to look for value skew etc, I see a lot of my friends trying to be entrepreneurs half-assing shit that's basically been done over and over again (drop...
  16. F

    Why do people assume it takes long to build a decent body?

    My father in law has this attitude. Dude is almost 60, really solid dad to my wife. He's had diabetes in the past and was like 390 lbs at 5'10" ish. Had lap band surgery and lost a good deal of weight. Now he's retired, smokes weed all day, and eats like shit. He hovers around what I'd guess...
  17. F

    I Don't Think Fastlane Success will Fulfill What I Want.

    Great perspective from a world class martial artist! Thanks man. I’ll address the limiting beliefs - I agree. I have used my bipolar disorder as a limiting belief... but that has changed recently. I’ve talked to some people and I’m reading a book that frame bipolar 2 as a potential advantage...
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    I Don't Think Fastlane Success will Fulfill What I Want.

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply! I think cyber security would be an interesting angle for sure, and its obviously huge in today's day and age. I also have several years of Arabic under my belt, and although I hate traveling (I am a man of routine), and I am years away from fluency, I can read...
  19. F

    I Don't Think Fastlane Success will Fulfill What I Want.

    On a practical note, I do feel there is value in my martial arts skills if I can leverage them properly. Sure, a lot of people train BJJ, and a lot of people fight MMA, but a lot of people do a lot of things. I've trained with police officers who, quite frankly, wouldn't stand a chance against...
  20. F

    I Don't Think Fastlane Success will Fulfill What I Want.

    Hey MJ thanks for dropping in. I’ve read both your books but it’s been several months so I plan to re read. I’ve also seen those videos but will re watch as well. Always worth refreshing.

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