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  1. consignia


  2. consignia

    Why dropshipping is bullshit... (and why you should avoid it).

    Well yes, it's not 2014 anymore. I agree is a waste of time now, unless you can think outside the box and give it a twist of your own then it's not worth it
  3. consignia

    The Quickest Way I Know of To Make $10k If You Are Dead BROKE!! SERIOUSLY

    I've read about many people pulling these deals for a few grands each time but it only works in the US and a few other first world countries
  4. consignia

    Lessons shared to me by the ultra-wealthy

    Love this one, so true!
  5. consignia

    From $0 to $ 5k+ / month in 5 months

    Best of luck on your journey!
  6. consignia

    An entrepreneur alone, dies. Entrepreneurs together, conquer.

    Congratulations on making the decision to join . Great Quote btw
  7. consignia

    My Beginner’s Workout Regime

    Well yes, if you have extra fat to burn then you need to avoid it at all cost. You are not like me, I started from "worm" level lol, and I don't like to eat a lot of food either so peanut butter did wonders to me. I had never eat it before, I'm not american and it's not so popular here so when...
  8. consignia

    Rich Dad's latest scam?

    Haha well if any of you bought the board I don't blame you, this guy is amazing on what he does :happy:There is a reason RDPD is the first book many of us read when we were beginners.
  9. consignia

    My Beginner’s Workout Regime

    I'm not a gym expert but what worked for me in building muscle was to lift that extra heavy weight in my last reps. Also nutrition is key, if you are a skinny dude like my who has it hard on gainning weight I recommend to incorporate penut butter to your diet
  10. consignia

    Time is ticking away

    I used to think money was my most valuable asset, then I understood it is time, because time IS money... time is all we have and unlike money it is actually limited
  11. consignia

    Anyone here worked on a Oil Rig?

    Lots of great advice on this thread. A friend of mine got into it 2 years ago, it's not an easy job and it has some risk but like they said it pays a ton, you need to be mentally strong and have a goal in mind.
  12. consignia

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    I've read both Unscripted and The Millionaire Fastlane last year. Both great books though I liked the latter more
  13. consignia

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    I've read both Unscripted and The Millionaire Fastlane last year. Both great books though I liked the latter more
  14. consignia

    The 75 Hard Challenge + Live Hard by Andy Frisella (2020 version)

    Great. I only need to cut number 6 now
  15. consignia

    What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius
  16. consignia

    The Worldwide C0VlD-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    During the Influenza wave 2017/2018 1.5 million people died and nobody noticed. Now after 6 months of covid19 we are at 400k and the world seems to be freaking out
  17. consignia

    Goal Setting: How To Guarantee Better Results for Your Effort

    Yes, those of us perfectionists know it can easily become your biggest detriment if you get carried away
  18. consignia

    I violated CENTS and my business failed..

    Great breakdown. Yes, before knowing CENTS I failed some business too. Best of luck on your journey
  19. consignia

    USD Currency Collapse – Possible?

    I think it will collapse eventually but not any time soon. I can't see it happening within the next 15 years but this world is moving so fast so I wouldn't be surprise
  20. consignia

    Home Gym ??

    Honestly having a home gym this quarantine saved my life. Seeing so many people go crazy these days I think working out does wonders at keeping people sane

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