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  1. juggler619

    "Mr Robot" Series Finale *spoilers*

    Well explained - The final shot is the Mastermind stepping aside!
  2. juggler619

    Best investing podcasts?

    Chat with traders
  3. juggler619

    Short One Liner That Had A Strong Impact On You

    All the money is made between the lines.
  4. juggler619

    Movies to watch with Fastlane Mindset/ Lessons?

    -War dogs. -The founder. -Chef.
  5. juggler619

    If there is an award for action faking..

    Thank you, Awesome share.
  6. juggler619

    Quit My Job, 3rd Time's the Charm: Trailer Park Edition

    Dayum! Blood,sweat and persistence! Pure goosebump gold! @Ungodly thank u for the share!
  7. juggler619

    Porn site owner who enjoys fast lane success IAMA on Reddit

    Guys! Calm down! We are moving away from Value!
  8. juggler619

    Avengers: Infinity War Discussion

    wow, ur so dam funny n smart!!!!! lol.. "DF"! categorizing a fictional character... i wonder where u place, hulk,thor,loki... black widow! peace !!
  9. juggler619

    Avengers: Infinity War Discussion

    World population @ 1950 - 2.5 Bil. 68 yrs later ............. World population @ Currently - Above 7 Bil. Projected Population Should be above 10 Bil by 2050. Depletion of Earth’s natural resources will be a concern in Future . Not for us, as we all will live thru it. I'm sure we will find a...
  10. juggler619

    Avengers: Infinity War Discussion

    Wow, I didn't want to say it for that fear that i may sound like a "Weirdo" , Even i share the same thought about Thanos. Well said Sir!
  11. juggler619

    Avengers: Infinity War Discussion

    So true . Hell , I popped into the theater for the 2nd time this week to watch Infinity War . I cant explain whats it about this movie that makes it so "AWESOME". Mad Titan!
  12. juggler619

    Avengers: Infinity War Discussion

    The only part i hated was , how 2 of the strongest Avengers (Scarlet Witch and Vision) were struggling with 2 of Thanos' pawns, so the 3 weakest Avengers (Cap, Falcon & Widow) come in and save them. "No Ways"
  13. juggler619

    Avengers: Infinity War Discussion

    Taking nothing away from black panther, by far the best movie i seen in 2018 , until infinity war... Thano's army destroys the defense in Wakanda like a walk in the park . @ZCP same here , theater was berserk... all i saw on everyone's face was "WTF", Some wer crying ( Spidys fan i bet) .
  14. juggler619

    Avengers: Infinity War Discussion

    Doctor strange vs Thanos is probably one of the best Marvel movie fights ever made.
  15. juggler619

    Avengers: Infinity War Discussion

    Hands down the best Marvel movie to date in my opinion. Mostly if not entirely because of Thanos. I think he's unquestionably the best villain that they've ever had. You could even argue that he's not really even a villain.The action for the most part is done well.Bigger Dinklage was a huge...
  16. juggler619

    "When you're down to your last match: Start a fire."

    "When you're down to your last match: Start a fire."
  17. juggler619

    That’s how a superhero learns to fly

    Dedicated to all those grinding on weekends,where maybe your roommate,friends & colleagues are out parting and getting drunk, may be everyone's given up on you. Whilst you are in the "PROCESS" of building value voucher,hustling, no giving up,learning from failures,acting-> learning-> adjusting ...
  18. juggler619

    29 Years old: Just bought my 2nd Lambo (not clickbait)

    Congratulation @G_Alexander . Wise and inspiring choice of words - coming to know that the ride is what is important is such an overused but MEGA important reminder.
  19. juggler619

    7 Podcasts to Make You the Boss in 2018

    Side hustle school by Chris Guillebeau is WICKED! One of the most fantastic Podcast out there. He does a post almost every day. Its a short podcast ( 7 to 12 mins). A collection of amazing ways people hustling to make money or business with or without money all over this planet!

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