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  1. Minuz

    Can money buy happiness? Scientists (finally) say yes.

    I just saw a research someone did. Not that I took this conclusion myself I believe is accurate tho when you have certain things in life money wont make you happy just by itself. If you are not happy driving a BMW are you gonna be happy just because you drive a Ferrari? I know people with...
  2. Minuz

    Can money buy happiness? Scientists (finally) say yes.

    I once saw a study that said. "Till you reach a certain point of money where you can get some level of lifestyle (example, having a house, being able to eat what you want and other kinda basic stuff), money does increase happiness. But the study also showed that money and happiness don't go...
  3. Minuz

    Feeling guilty about spending time on myself or with friends

    Agree, took time to realise but its like this.
  4. Minuz

    Alcohol drinking habits

    Acohol is worst thing ever. I drink when going out but altho i enjoy it at the moment next day sucks. Also it only has negative impact in our life, nothing positive. You can drink a few beers a week and nothing will happen ofcourse , but if you can avoid it its even better.
  5. Minuz

    From $0 to $ 5k+ / month in 5 months

    Amazing and inspiring story. Would love to see a new update. Also im curious to know where are you from and what age as i havnt seen it trough out the post.
  6. Minuz

    Today's my birthday. I couldnt be more disappointed.

    Hello Men, With 25 years old im in a smiliar siutation. Got my degree, traveled some month the world after it and now im back at my 3rd world country (argentina) thinking what i want to do with my life. Looking for a job i will hate and suck my time like most of my friends for just 600 usd a...
  7. Minuz

    Hi from Argentina!

    Buenas, aca también desde Argentina. Bien ahi que tomaste la decision de irte. Yo me recibí este año y consegui la ciudadania Italiana asi que en algun momento de mis proximos años va a ser probable que termine yendome del pais bananero que tenemos. Abrazo grande.
  8. Minuz

    How to quit video games

    I have the same problem, i love video game but is such a waste of time! When i quit video games i start to focus on so many things that i dont when im playing games
  9. Minuz

    Hyperinflation worries in the UK & USA warranted?

    Jajajajajja me causan hasta un poco de ternura. Si vieran la hiperinlfacion que se viene en Argentina, proximamente va a ser mas barato limpiarse el culo con billetes que con papel higienico
  10. Minuz

    Introducing My Business Idea: International Snack E-Commerce.

    Which ones you like? Im from Argentina lol
  11. Minuz

    Come and watch me make FU money: Over $100K/mo now.

    Its Really really inspiring reading your story!! Congratulations and thanks for taking the time to share with us! Go for more and keep updating if you can. Thanks
  12. Minuz

    My Journey to Freedom [PROGRESS THREAD]

    Nice work, now you just need to advertise it

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