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    How do you tell an online store is making money?

    Although not accurate, absolutely simple method I haven't thought of! Thank you! Since anyway I was going to check some of their own products, will try it first of all here and with other stores just out of curiousity :-D I guess my question has been answered :-)
  2. M

    How do you tell an online store is making money?

    Hi, Knowing that gives me an idea what I make of my own web-site: 1) profitable. . . I make an online store, but better one to make even more money : ) 2) losing money, breaking even . . . If I observe errors then I make my own webstore, but, again, a better one : ) then if my fix does not...
  3. M

    How do you tell an online store is making money?

    Thanks for this advice, looks right what I need. Need a general idea whether they have substantial traffic or hold the store hoping it will generate sales. That's what I'm looking for.
  4. M

    How do you tell an online store is making money?

    Hello fellow entrepreneurs, I'm evaluating opportunity of a new store. My business will be running both as online store and presented IRL at a shopping mall. I am absolutely confident of my future business selling points, but need to evaluate efficient strategy online. Now I am proofing online...
  5. M

    Books about finding business idea

    I'm reading the Blue Ocean Strategy now, as you suggested Sent from my T1-701u using Tapatalk
  6. M

    Books about finding business idea

    Considering only new models, I have probably missed the point that I can improve something. Thank for the advice! Sent from my T1-701u using Tapatalk
  7. M

    Books about finding business idea

    To be honest I expected of myself to come up with a million dollar idea next day after I read MJs book. Now learning that it sometimes takes years to get a concept, I feel less anxious about generating it fast. I work at IT customer support. It provides me enough money at low time investment so...
  8. M

    I quote "It is at the Redline where the man are separated from the boys" This is my story

    Congrats on moving forward Arthur. What made your business different from any other alike? Sent from my T1-701u using Tapatalk
  9. M

    Books about finding business idea

    Hello fellow Fastlaners :) I'm looking for a viable business idea and that's one of the things I fail at. I cannot find an idea that would satisfy all CENTS/CENTS commandments. Naturally, I'd like to find it and have a better understanding of a market research, because, at any point in time, I...
  10. M

    Studying Market

    Hello Fastlane enthusiasts. Entrepreneurship is said to be full of opportunities. Whenever it comes to finding a niche one has to research carefully. For those about to start, MJ Demarco has described a way to search for such an opportunity - it is looking for a shortage, a problem that has not...
  11. M

    Alex, 31yo

    Ok, so here it is :) Nice guy, always praised by mom and dad. He went to university to study law and got employed at the third year of studies. After the graduation, the boy quickly got recruited by a major law firm. And then excelled at law and earned a million as prominent attorney retiring...
  12. M

    Alex, 31yo

    Hi everyone! Alex here, 31yo, Ukraine. Read the Millionaire Fastlane. It's a long story how i got here, but I'm glad I did. Would not consider myself a failure in this world, though I want more of it - better life standard.

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