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  1. FionaS

    Summit Attendee tag

    Hey, would it be possible to bug y'all for a Summit Attendee tag? I attended back in 2015. Thanks. ;) Fiona
  2. FionaS

    How Does An Entrepreneur.. Relax

    I'm very much an all or nothing person. When I start doing something, I throw my ALL into it - to the detriment of my own health, at times. I've very consciously had to 'force' myself to take time to relax to avoid that time being forced on me due to a breakdown or other not very fun things. I...
  3. FionaS

    Post Your Desk or Work Area! (The Workspace Thread)

    Finally have the office mostly set up since the big move! All that is missing is a rug on the floor, a big plant of some type in the corner and my acoustic foam panels on the wall... I may post another pic once it's 100% complete, but to be totally honest - I'll probably forget. ;)
  4. FionaS

    2016 Fastlane Summit, Official Event Thread

    It looks great! Guess I'll have to make an effort to come again next year so I can nab me one of those. ;) Seriously, though - knew I wouldn't make it this year due to some personal/family stuff that I'd rather not disclose, but 2015's meetup was a highlight of my year and really helped me dial...
  5. FionaS

    2016 Fastlane Summit, Official Event Thread

    Sad I'm not there this year.... hope you all have a fantastic time :)
  6. FionaS

    Dropping out of High school?

    Finish high school (except, MAYBE if you're already making enough money to support yourself 100%. Even then I'd suggest finishing school). You have one year left. Just one. If you ever decide that you need to go back to school for more specialized education, or you *gasp* end up needing (or...
  7. FionaS

    Biggest need in my mind...

    And why is that? Really, I'm interested. I'm curious why 50% of the population, including myself, should not be taken seriously.
  8. FionaS

    Concealed Carry - What do you carry?

    Oh, guns! <3 I do enjoy shooting, though I haven't been able to go too much since the kids were born. I have been considering getting a CCP, but haven't pulled the trigger yet (trololol). My husband usually carries his H&K USP Compact 9mm. @Lathan; Everyone should have these rules memorized...
  9. FionaS

    Hello from Amsterdam

    Welkom, Bono. :) Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  10. FionaS

    The Millionaire Fastlane, Russian Edition

    Hopefully the book is translated a little bit better than the title is. Can't get much worse with the title. ;)
  11. FionaS

    The Millionaire Fastlane, Russian Edition

    I think I need to buy this, gotta brush up on my Russian and The Hunger Games wasn't cutting it. ;)
  12. FionaS

    Hi! I was almost Dunkacinno...

    Welcome Deanna, always glad to see some more gals here. :)
  13. FionaS

    Seattle Meetup?

    That's where I grew up and where my family is, I'm up there quite often. :)
  14. FionaS

    Seattle Meetup?

    Those days are in the middle of the week. ;) I can look at the 18th-19th or 25-26, I should know game dates for my son's baseball fairly soon, here.
  15. FionaS

    Demonstration of Action Faking I think!

    My guess is that he just enjoys drawing on the side and decided to put a lot of work in this fun project of his. Is it action faking if he's creating simply for the love of creating, instead of for a business reason? Simply enjoying the process of making something he's proud of? I don't see any...
  16. FionaS

    Excitable people: How do you sleep?

    Meditation helps me a lot. Also - affirmations. Different ones to wind me down at night from the ones that get me excited for the day in the morning. And visualizing how I want the night to go and how I want to wake up in the morning. No caffeine past noon. Magnesium/melatonin as needed. Not...
  17. FionaS

    2015 Fastlane Summit, Official Thread

    Still working ahead here, though I'm going in a slightly different direction now. Doing a lot of writing for a book I'm hoping to publish by the end of 2016, also considering doing some shorter works to start getting my name out there. My husband also found a product he wants to go ahead on...
  18. FionaS

    2016 Fastlane Summit (Pre-Hype Presentations Possibilities!)

    More amazing than usual... I was there. ;) I need to get moving so that I can give a talk next year, too. :)
  19. FionaS

    2015 Fastlane Summit, Official Thread

    That may be an idea for next year. Supply some people with cameras or give some people the job of filming lots of stuff. It'd be cool to record it some more.
  20. FionaS

    2015 Fastlane Summit, Official Thread

    Same deal. Came home, was thrust right into watching the kids all day every day. The Skype group and reading on the forums really has been helping, but I definitely need to work extra hard on keeping motivation up while my schedule (and the kids') gets back under control. Thankfully it'll...

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