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  1. MJ DeMarco

    My sincere introduction and desperate for advice

    I know you deleted this post, but it probably was the most authentic posts I've seen from you. I wish you better things ahead, I know it probably wasn't easy to write.
  2. MJ DeMarco

    FASTLANE Transition IMPLEMENTATION - Exchanging Profit Equity for a Time Investment

    You're all over the place. Instead of being the master of 1 or 2 disciplines, you'll master nothing. I think you should re-think your plan. I'd rather have 1 venture that makes millions than "13-16" that make absolutely nothing. This is not allowed and the reason why your solicitation here...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    Validating Ideas? Worth It?

    Both. You can also validate by just looking at what is available on the market, and how popular something is. But yes, it can be an action-fake. It also can give you some insight into how to reach potential customers, before the product is even built. A lot of times the validation process...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    How do I restructure my business with my partner?

    Your post has been moved into a new thread. Strangers won't be able to answer these questions. Ultimately you need to determine what each partner is bringing to the table. You might be providing sweat equity, but your partner might be bringing a lot of intangibles to the table, such as...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    Business Ethics- Kak vs Dragon

  6. MJ DeMarco

    Business Ethics- Kak vs Dragon

    I appreciate that you all are trying to have a rational, reasoned discussion without all the mudslinging.
  7. MJ DeMarco

    Excited to be here!

    Welcome Erica, great to have ya!
  8. MJ DeMarco

    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    HOT! CHAT 
    The guy in black is the frugal FIRE philosophy. The guy in red is Fastlane. :rofl: View:
  9. MJ DeMarco

    Mover Fees are outrageous

    Proves that there is a premium paid on the organization of tools and labor to solve a problem. Most movers make minimum wage, far from the $300/hour offer listed here.
  10. MJ DeMarco

    Your First Business Should be Profitable From Month 1

    Yes, many have noticed. You're starting to remind me of several other guys here who are no longer here by my doing... one was a typical bro-marketer who used slick marketing to sell shitty products. He had a following here that was unprecedented, but many of us who were older and experienced...
  11. MJ DeMarco

    Is bubble good at making apps?

    If your product creates value, no one cares how you built it. So your answer depends.
  12. MJ DeMarco

    Am I violating the Law of Effection with a micro niche strategy?

    I think your strategy is an awesome launch point.
  13. MJ DeMarco

    The Costanza Principle: The secret to your best life?

    You mean like the landscaper who showed up to my house in his $130,000 F350 with $12,000 custom chrome rims? Yea, I didn't hire that guy.
  14. MJ DeMarco

    The Costanza Principle: The secret to your best life?

    Yea, those are two I forgot. Sports I enjoy because it is the business of athletics, but I could care less about who wins or loses. The people praying and crying in the stands about their team is pathetic. As if God, or the universe, cares about your little college in Florida winning a...
  15. MJ DeMarco

    The Costanza Principle: The secret to your best life?

    The other night I watched a basketball game on a major network, and I couldn't help but notice something during the commercial breaks: One after another, every advertisement was for a product or service that I would never buy. Each commercial targeted the cultural majority, a Scripted populous...
  16. MJ DeMarco

    A Job Isn’t Giving Up

    Upgraded to NOTABLE.
  17. MJ DeMarco

    So Many Ideas, How To Choose? A Simple Guide To Getting Unstuck

    Upgraded to GOLD.
  18. MJ DeMarco

    My introduction

    Welcome Edoardo great to have ya.
  19. MJ DeMarco

    Drop Out to Building a $95,000/mo service business

    Upgraded to NOTABLE for action taking, door knocking, figuring it out after the jump, and increasing your rate of pay for each hour traded. Congrats on getting started on bigger things! Although I'm not sure how you arrived at 96K/mo? Is that your forecast?
  20. MJ DeMarco

    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    HOT! CHAT 
    Not horrible for either. And he wasn’t being mean spirited, he was being friendly.

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