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  1. Spenny

    1. Keeping Myself Accountable

    Week 17 Been a good past week, been focusing a lot on business stuff. Maybe have neglected chemistry too much... Goal Reward Nail Biting Habit Faux Fur Bucket Hat Sell First ChemStencil New Brown Shoes No Alcohol for Three Months (5/12 - made a counting error) My peace of mind, better...
  2. Spenny

    heavy_industry - Health Improvement Q1 Progress

    You're on your way. Recognising the habits that need to be attacked is half the battle.
  3. Spenny

    Starting a window cleaning company

    Perhaps there is a way you could estimate the cost/square footage? Eyeballing it of course. Its good you're taking this into consideration.
  4. Spenny

    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    HOT! CHAT 
    Trust you to always have something witty to say :rofl:
  5. Spenny

    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    HOT! CHAT 
    Thank you for this, really is one of those "wow" moments.
  6. Spenny

    Starting a window cleaning company

    Absolutely love this post. Nothing better than seeing someone get out there and win. Be persistent friend! For the charging, chance your arm. You could always negociate. Remember value skews too. How could you sweeten the deal? Could you add in cleaning the windows around the back too? Could...
  7. Spenny

    What GURUs are really selling you...

    I like the article but it has tinges of victim mentality in it which is gross. I think the real wake up for celebs not caring was the Travis Scott debuckle. View: These guys will dance on your grave and not give a shit. People forget that they are...
  8. Spenny

    1. Keeping Myself Accountable

    Week 16 Fantastic week, finished off the last of my term. From what I've heard, it's the hardest part of my degree so, thats relieving to hear. Lots of exciting developments, lets get to it! Goal Reward Nail Biting Habit Faux Fur Bucket Hat 1000 Elo Chess Rook Pin Sell First ChemStencil...
  9. Spenny

    Currency -JB

    I'll remember that, what a fantastic phrase.
  10. Spenny

    Quit Alcohol. Try it.

    @Droopynips He's right, wish I said it myself. Forget the business stuff, the motivation, the mindset. If you haven't got a strong mindset to take on your own problems, how are you going to fix others? Do you know where to get started?
  11. Spenny

    Quit Alcohol. Try it.

    Of course, I'm not here to demonise it, it's just that I've seen it overwhelmingly skew my life postively. If it adds to yours, I certainly can't say give it up.
  12. Spenny

    Quit Alcohol. Try it.

    This is a fantastic strategy of tricking the brain, thank you for this. I'll bear it in mind, never know when it'll come in handy! I've never seen such degeneracy, its like playing the five finger fillet with your life. It really is the 2023 Darwin Awards @heavy_industry! :rofl::rofl: I can...
  13. Spenny

    Quit Alcohol. Try it.

    Just over a month ago, I came across this thread about alcohol. I read it, denied its ideas, immediately putting up walls and saying to myself: " nah I'd never quit, what would people think of me? It's just so awkward to say no" " but what about all the friends I've made while drunk? I'm sure...
  14. Spenny

    You don’t need more time, you just prioritize other things

    This is TRUE villian backstory :rofl:
  15. Spenny

    Currency -JB

    Poetry. Thanks for posting this, love the approach! Note: Now that I've gone away and thought about it, the bit that is the most appealing is the cashflow part. Less focus on hoarding, more focus on what you can get in.
  16. Spenny

    Is the market growing or declining?

    Bottom line: is there a demand for it? If there is and the sector is declining, maybe you've got an exception? To be honest in startup it shouldn't matter what the macro trends are, you may only get 0.000001% of the pie when you start.
  17. Spenny

    Is the market growing or declining?

    It is very wet outside. I want to walk back to my delorean from my friends house. I take an umbrella to keep me dry. It's huge and not a drop of rain falls on me. I walk and walk.... Then I realise that my then I realise that my umbrella is mysteriously shrinking! And the rain is a lot...
  18. Spenny

    Kinder, Gentler Coddling Days Are Over. I'm back to finish this.

    Amen, I'll take the advice not to feed the trolls.
  19. Spenny

    Entrepreneurship knowledge

    Step 1: Read all notable threads. This is essential. The people on there are no joke. Step 2: Don't get sucked into action faking. Doing beats excessive planning, finding "the next big thing", trend hopping, ideas but no application, getting an LLC without a client. Step 3: Switch on your...
  20. Spenny

    For those who haven't made a sale yet...

    Not at all, just didn't have a good experience.

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