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  1. Nexus


    I think the thread you're referring to is this one: Progress Thread - [Progress Thread] Million+ Revenue by 25
  2. Nexus

    Thank you for the rep!

    Thank you for the rep!
  3. Nexus

    Thanks for the rep!

    Thanks for the rep!
  4. Nexus

    How to disable forum alerts!

    Go to and uncheck "Show new alerts as pop-ups" under options.
  5. Nexus

    Ask me (***ALMOST***) A N Y T H I N G about E V E R T H I N G (Mastermind for Success)

    So you want a material that you surround the hole preventing it from collapsing. No material that we know of is remotely close to being strong enough to do that. Even if such a material would exist, you wouldn't be able to actually make the hole work unless it magically appeared and it was...
  6. Nexus

    Ask me (***ALMOST***) A N Y T H I N G about E V E R T H I N G (Mastermind for Success)

    Even if you could instantly create a speherical hole in the centre of mars that is connected to the surface, gravity would crush all the matter surrounding the hole into the centre. It like trying to create an air gap underwater, the water will displace it very quickly.
  7. Nexus

    Ask me (***ALMOST***) A N Y T H I N G about E V E R T H I N G (Mastermind for Success)

    I was waiting for this post for a long time now. Thanks a ton.
  8. Nexus

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Finished the book yesterday. Was a long read, but worth every second.
  9. Nexus

    What skill would you say is the most valuable in today's economy?

    The ability to know what you should do yourself and what you should delegate.
  10. Nexus

    15 and fed up of my own BS

    Hey Dillon, thanks for the response! I have in fact read TMF, I even have have the badge :p You make an excellent point about starting by picking up a useful skill, rather than inventing something from scratch. I'm currently reading Grant Cardone's Sell or be Sold as a starting point for...
  11. Nexus

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Read the book a few months back. I have to say it was a massive shift in perspective for me.
  12. Nexus

    I'm sorry, but this is going to be painful for a lot of you...

    I cannot thank you enough for this thread, it was a great slap of reality. What I did was write a letter to myself detailing the life I'll end up with if I don't work towards what I want. I read it whenever I feel a bit unmotivated, and it works wonders. Procrastination no longer feels like a...
  13. Nexus

    15 and fed up of my own BS

    Thanks again for everyone that took the time out of their day to post a reply to this thread, there has been some very helpful advice posted here, and I am endlessly grateful for that. Advice, however, is only gold hidden underground, until someone takes action on it and digs it out. It's...
  14. Nexus

    15 and fed up of my own BS

    A lot of these gigs never even crossed my mind. Like @ZF Lee said a handful of them have potential to be great Fastlane businesses. Thanks for the input. Nice seeing you on here @ZF Lee, many thanks for the cordial welcome. It is very true that school usually doesn't discourage work ethic...
  15. Nexus

    15 and fed up of my own BS

    That's a good idea, and a little extra money never hurts. I'll definitely look into getting a part-time job. I've already removed all the distractions I could (or made it a royal pain in the backside to access), the next step is to fill that void with some work. It's a bit different here in...
  16. Nexus

    15 and fed up of my own BS

    Thank you to everyone who posted for their advice and for a very warm welcome.
  17. Nexus

    15 and fed up of my own BS

    Hello everyone! I'm a high school student living in Australia. I first stumbled across this forum a few months ago, and decided to read The Millionaire Fastlane shortly after. Unfortunately, after finishing TMF, I forgot about it for a while, until I heard that Unscripted was finally released...

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