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  1. lightweight99

    Western KY networking/entrepreneur group?

    Bump! I need some good minds to pick!
  2. lightweight99

    Website build, where to start

    I agree, I'm concerned with where to start though. If this was PC's or photography I would have no problem. Websites however I know nothing about. I'll start hitting the books, it seems there are many posts with similar issues and that is the advice given. Thanks.
  3. lightweight99

    Website build, where to start

    Hey everyone!! Its been awhile since I have been on here and its due to getting side tracked and not focusing on what matters. I've been busy selling my toys that I should not have bought in the first place which caused to me get in a little bit of debt. Regardless, I have always had a word...
  4. lightweight99

    Dead-End Sh*t Jobs ... Yours?

    1. Dishwasher at local steak house ; 6 months 2. Dishwasher at cracker barrel ; 8 months 3. Sales at Home Depot ; 5 years 4. Stocker at grocery store ; 3 months 5. UPS store ; 4 months 6. Sales & merchandising at Scotts miracle Gro ; 4...
  5. lightweight99

    Western KY networking/entrepreneur group?

    I am looking to join or start a networking/ entrepreneur group in western KY. If there is one that exist already I have yet to locate it and hope someone on here can inform me. If anyone is interested or knows of one that exist please let me know. Thank You :smxF:
  6. lightweight99

    Market Analysis

    It's a product for those that care for their car, not necessarily wash it. I was trying to give a description of the market my product would appeal to. Thanks though :smxF:
  7. lightweight99

    Market Analysis

    It's an auto part accessory. My concern is the demand of it. It applies to those car owners who wax their car regularly, clay bar it, and so on. Not something that would more then likely sell to someone who drives a prius. I'm having trouble getting reputable market information. What percent of...
  8. lightweight99

    Market Analysis

    Interesting way to approach it, the best way imo. Thanks for the advice! Speed added! :eusa_clap:
  9. lightweight99

    Market Analysis

    I'm trying to figure out if my product will sell, thus conducting a market analysis. Has anyone here done a market analysis? If so, what resources did you use? Thanks! Any advice is appreciated. :smxF:
  10. lightweight99

    mold foam

    No, but appreciate the help. I cant really describe it other then it is a product similar to silly putty but much larger. I'll just have to keep looking. Thanks! :thumbsup:
  11. lightweight99

    Blowing $40k

    I've had a similar situation with 100k. Just have to grow from it and learn.
  12. lightweight99

    mold foam

    I found a thread on here not too long ago with a link to some type of mold material that can be purchased and used at home to make your own product molds. I can't seem to find it now and was wondering if anyone remembered this or knew the website. Thank You
  13. lightweight99

    Life Altering Choices - Yours?

    I was fired from my place of work 2 months ago and have since started building a custom pc to begin my business. I had ideas all the time but never acted on them. Being fired was a blessing in disguise. Although I despise the person who fired me considering I did nothing wrong, I have not looked...
  14. lightweight99

    Car advice and update!

    Thanks for the input everyone, appreciate it. I know what kind of cars I'm looking at in the $10,000 range so that's not a problem, just wanted to hear everyone's opinion on the matter. :smx9:
  15. lightweight99

    Car advice and update!

    Hey everyone! Been some time since I've posted. Summer classes, business plans, 40+ hour work weeks, and my girlfriend have been consuming life lately. To the point now, I own two very fast cars: A Subaru WRX STI and a C6 Z51 corvette with $10,000 in engine work. Both cars are 2005's and eat...
  16. lightweight99

    Time management setup

    Time Management: a crucial step with the right mindset in achieving goals. I decided today to start a journal per say and developed a weekly layout hour by hour of how my time will be spent. I have done the same thing before without writing it down and this time it has made a world of...
  17. lightweight99

    Motley fool: Million dollar portfolio

    I've just started this book and thus far it is very good. Before I get any deeper though, I wanted to get some advice on the book, is it a good read for a beginner? is it pointing me in the right direction? Also, it goes on about researching companies alot, is there a certain site some of you...
  18. lightweight99

    The Big Moo

    I have been reading The Big Moo lately and wanted to share a little piece of wisdom from the book. "Be impatient, don't tolerate mediocrity. Be confident in your ability - you can make a difference in the world. Have extreme passion for your work and those you are working with. Never...
  19. lightweight99


    Great idea!
  20. lightweight99

    Website idea, needs your constructive criticism

    I have to agree with EastWind, very well put. My initial thought was delivery, but as you can see above it obviously wouldn't work very well. I wouldn't shut your initial idea down however. I hate to hear negativity when throwing idea's out at people.(not that EastWind was) Maybe there's a...

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