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  1. falcon87pl

    Easier in the USA.

    Jim Rohn ;) One of my life-changing quotes. Regarding the thread, I live in Poland and work as an IT professional for the US company which killed a bit my entrepreneurship hunger due to a very high salary and little work I need to do to keep earning good money. But I have not given up on that...
  2. falcon87pl

    How many of you play video games?

    This. After doing my job as an IT admin and learning how to code if you ask me in the evening to play a game where you need to plan something or optimize some processes/ tactics I would die. And I get bored quite quickly. Exception - some of the Switch games. I can’t explain this magic but...
  3. falcon87pl

    Kindle Direct Publishing - recent experiences

    Thanks for such a detailed response! 30% for Amazon, Amazon ads, local taxes and it turns out you have to sell thousands of books to make your time worth it. And they still could cancel your account and kill the biznes in a second.
  4. falcon87pl

    Kindle Direct Publishing - recent experiences

    Hi Everyone, I know KDP violates Control and Entry from CENTS (and potentially the Need) but would love to hear about your recent experiences. Assuming you create high quality medium content or high content book and figure the ads out, is it possible to automate the process? I know you need to...
  5. falcon87pl

    I've Read The Great Rat-Race Escape!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Read the book long time ago :)
  6. falcon87pl

    Growing a business around a specialist skill

    Wow, ok, you have already made a nice progress regarding certs and experience so 3 years seem like a reasonable timeframe for CTA. I have just sent an invite on LI :) (Mateusz)
  7. falcon87pl

    Growing a business around a specialist skill

    @DMass Salesforce is a really nice choice for the career path and also gives opportunities to free some of your time in the futre by creating some courses or successful consultancy. I have been working as the Salesforce support engineer and currently as an admin/junior dev for 6 years and the...
  8. falcon87pl

    The Great Rat-Race Escape by MJ DeMarco, Now Available (All formats!)

    Bought a Kindle version but will get a physical version as well. Millionaire Fastlane and Jim Rohn’s seminars changed my life years ago so I am happy to get the „old ideas” in a new form :) So called „reminder sessions”. And get some new ideas, mindset and tactics to apply. And as for the...
  9. falcon87pl

    Would you work a job that you loved to do? An alternative to the fastlane

    This is a kind of the post I have been postponing writing for a long time! This is exactly the "problem" I have while working as a well-paid IT specialist. I got to the point where most of the lifestyle checkboxes are ticked and financial ones can be ticked in a few years: - I earn very good...
  10. falcon87pl

    If you could only pass on one life lesson to everyone on this forum, what would it be?

    Everything you need is within reach.
  11. falcon87pl

    The Worldwide C0VlD-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    „So when Wuhan thought it had 444 cases, it had 27 times more. If France thinks it has 1,400 cases, it might well have tens of thousands. [...] With the number of cases we see today in countries like the US, Spain, France, Iran, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden or Switzerland...
  12. falcon87pl

    Who here has quit social media?

    I check LinkedIn a few times per week on desktop, Facebook mobile app has all notifications turned off (and I do not follow most of the people )and I disabled Messenger notifications on the locked screen. I believe disabling all/most of the sounds and notifications on the locked screen is the...
  13. falcon87pl

    Ever wonder how people end up in dead end jobs at 40?

    Totally agree. One of my favourite quotes from Jim Rohn is: "Work harder on yourself than you do on your job." And this is exactly what I have been following in relation to IT market and my job. During my free time I learn and get certified on one technology. This has resulted in the below: -...
  14. falcon87pl

    Questioning Societal Dogmas for Entertainment, Education, and Inspiration

    Apart from being brought up with the "important breakfast" belief I had my own belief that I would not fall asleep if I do not eat something around 9:00-9:30 PM. Since I made a decision +6 months ago to implement IF (5-6 days per week) I have never had issues with being super hungry around 11 pm...
  15. falcon87pl

    What Business to start 2020

    You already know it - creating online courses how to find a 6-figure niche in 2020 ;) Of course there is no need to reach such a goal before creating a course!
  16. falcon87pl

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    I have read and listened to Unscripted :)
  17. falcon87pl

    Sold my $30,000 p/mth website for $650k - My "near wealth experience" taught me this--> [MP3]

    @V8Bill I would like to thank you for providing us with so much value for free. I have listened to your audiobook while working out and I loved the 2X approach. I have always felt a bit overwhelmed thinking about "millions I need to make to feel free" but you made me realise that my goal is much...
  18. falcon87pl


    Do you believe in coincedence? I don't. Just after Christmas I could work from home as we had night shifts (IT support for APAC region) and all I and my two colleagues had to do was to log in and do nothing work-related as there were bank holidays in Australia at that time. So I and my team...
  19. falcon87pl

    Need More Time? Make Your Day 25+ Hours Long.

    "All those nights in college, or in high school, you weren't battling monsters or securing victory for the USA or healing people-you were sitting virtually motionless in a char for hours, possibly moving your fingers. You were doing... nothing." @RHL This resonates with me a lot. Thank you.
  20. falcon87pl

    How many action fakes can the fastlane come up with??

    My colleague about his 57-year-old father who is studying how to invest on the market: "He has found out how to get rich on the market BUT HE DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME". As his father would be dead when his XXX $ invested now become XXX XXX XXX XXX $.

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