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    Yes, I'm really a shepherd.

    Your a little guy compared to the big farms but if you had an angle you could charge more. Can you market your lamb as "All Natural", "Organic", "No antibiotics", "No steriods", or something similar and charge a premium for it? You could possibly sell to local restaurants too that cater to...
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    15 Week Challenge

    Thursday Dec. 28 2017 No sales but a productive day. I spent about half the day doing service calls and a couple of hours driving. I cold called two new businesses, quoted another, did a service call for one business and turned it into a sales pitch for the sister company. Of the two cold...
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    15 Week Challenge

    Long story short I have a business where we offer multiple services. Two of them are services where we can bill monthly recurring payments for. I am refocusing my business to just bring in new monthly recurring payments. I cut staff to one other person besides myself, and between the two of...
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    Housing Slump

    It really depends on the market you are trying to target. It really is quite simple. Find your target market, determine the price range they are looking for, determine the amenities they are looking for, and the location they are looking to live. Once you know this it's all in the numbers. It...
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    Housing Slump

    Newbies will look for a "good deal", buy it, invest their money in carpet, paint etc., and try to sell it themselves. I work with an expert, someone who does this everyday, does it well, and makes plenty of money. This person knows things like who is buying houses in this economy, where they...
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    B2B vs B2C potential...

    Why not do both. I have products that I sell wholesale to businesses. I also retail the same products online at retail prices.
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    Questions about working for a potential dynamo entrepreneur

    For many start-ups the visionary is the founder. However, many times its the marketer that they hired that pushes them over the top. Those people will always be in demand.
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    Saturated Web Market

    I used to sell public domain content. Its all free and I made more than enough to live off of. There are more than enough people willing to pay for things. Also, many people would rather have the latest and greatest. Just look at the iPhone.
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    Housing Slump

    There is plenty of money to be made. We just flipped one investment in 3 months. It was on the market for 4 days before we accepted an offer. We have another one going on the market any day now. We think we can probably move it in a week or so. The problem with real estate is people think...
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    YOUR 2012 - In ONE Sentence

    By the end of 2012 I will have at least $25,000 a month in passive income. I am new to the forum but not new to Fastlane ideas. A couple of years ago I came up with an internet business idea. I made my first sale and told everyone about it. Of course they all thought I was nuts. A year...
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    School Kills Creativity Video by Dr. Ken Robinson

    Loved it. Great video. I really liked about what he said about drugging children because they don't fit the standard learning mold.
  12. I

    $70K in cash: can I quit corporate america?

    It is enough capital to start with, but what are you going to do to generate income? I know you are going to invest in real estate, but doing what? Have you written out your plan? I find it easier to play the devils advocate that way, and pick a part your plan. If I was you I would be asking...

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