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  1. Jess Grey

    For when the kids ask for life advice

    Ha! This is too good.
  2. Jess Grey

    Great Q&A session with a self-made restaurant/bar owner

    Yes and yes. Great observations, Russ.
  3. Jess Grey

    How to Write a Business Plan

    I'm a pitch nerd. I love having something in-hand to reference and regardless of the necessity of a business plan, the required financials of how you will succeed are crucial to landing investors. While this particular plan won't suffice for me, I appreciate the effort in putting it out for...
  4. Jess Grey

    Great Q&A session with a self-made restaurant/bar owner

    I literally just read this entire AMA from start to finish. Not entirely sure if I did it on purpose, but I loved it nonetheless. Thanks!
  5. Jess Grey

    Do You Work Your a$$ Off So Your Kids Don't Have To Struggle???

    I work hard now so I don't have to for the rest of my life and I will happily teach my son these same techniques. Whether or not this is the same path he chooses is completely up to him, but he won't just be handed the keys to an easy life. He'll have to figure some things out on his own but I...
  6. Jess Grey

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    I feel like the energy post-read of TMF is like a wave building up in my gut. A wave that's been incredibly slow for so long and suddenly has this momentum that I can't (nor wouldn't) stop. I'll read this book many more times.
  7. Jess Grey

    Learning to go from manager, to owner, to investor

    Hi all - I just finished Millionaire Fastlane and could not put it down! It was one of those books that had me going through it with my wife daily after nearly every chapter, trying to apply it all to my life. This is a game changer if you're up for it and I am more than ready to invest myself...
  8. Jess Grey

    Cleaning out the toolbox

    Love this!
  9. Jess Grey

    OMFG This Hurt

    I think it's great that he attained a goal he's been working towards for what sounds like a long time. There's not much I can add here that others haven't as I also believe that our goals and dreams for our futures can and will be very different from each other (see: slowlane/fastlane). I'm also...
  10. Jess Grey

    Hanging by a (FLF) thread.

    Hanging by a (FLF) thread.
  11. Jess Grey

    Getting the MOST out of Fastlane (Required Read)

    I very much appreciate how straight-forward everything is. This is obviously a forum dedicated to exactly what we are all here for. Really looking forward to diving in and creating some much-needed forward momentum.

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