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  1. mattsteinman

    Self-Promotion: Post Your Offer, YT Channel, Services, etc. (2022)

    If you’re thrilled with the digital side of your business. You can keep scrolling. But if you’re using any number of SaaS platforms Kartra Kajabi GrooveFunnels ClickFunnels stick around... They all have a fatal flaw. They lack the infrastructure, and your page load speed with these...
  2. mattsteinman

    Self-Promotion: Post Your Offer, Biz, Links to The Forum (February 2020)

    Appreciate that. Might need to turn it into a FB ad :)
  3. mattsteinman

    Self-Promotion: Post Your Offer, Biz, Links to The Forum (February 2020)

    Brand new, complete marketing "system" that eliminates every SINGLE headache that marketers face. (I've personally been there...over the past 15 years...) For years, you've been in "duct-tape mode". The ideas come in swarms, every single day... Then you have to... ...find an affordable...
  4. mattsteinman

    Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Biz, More (November 2019)

    Man...great fricken copy!!
  5. mattsteinman

    Should I Get A Job Or Freelance?

    Freelancing = Time Suck If you can't survive on your freelancing gig right now, get a "job" that'll cover your bills, stash some money away, and grind on your side hustle in the evenings. Look at opportunities that will earn you money while you sleep. Some people snark at this, but affiliate...
  6. mattsteinman

    Best Way to Exit a Failed Business

    I'll keep this short and sweet. I've been an Amazon FBA seller the past couple years, more recently creating my own brand (with a trademark), and it has fallen off to the waste side. Mainly because I'm in debt with the business and honestly don't have the passion to further pursue FBA. I'd...
  7. mattsteinman

    Brand new forum - ideas for drawing in new members?

    I read that first sentence and figured why not start a Facebook Group? IMO forums are very difficult to get started unless you got started 10+ years ago. Or... You could start off with a Facebook Group, or Fan Page and then eventually drive them into your Forum site where there are more...
  8. mattsteinman

    Troubleshoot SEO / Conversion

    A confused mind always says no. That was my initial impression within .5 seconds of viewing the page. Where the heck do I go and what the heck am I supposed to click on. Perhaps it would be beneficial to focus on ONE offer and create a sales funnel? Also, check on the Google Page Insights...
  9. mattsteinman

    Getting into Web Design

    Just how to sell in general. Everything from understanding your customer, their pain points, and how to effectively tell engaging stories. This is the stuff that sells. The design doesn't sell ;) Yes, you'll need an accountant to do your year-end (or quarterly) taxes.
  10. mattsteinman

    Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Biz, More (August 2019)

    For Anyone Who Wants To Start A Profitable Online Business But Doesn’t Know Where To Begin Gain Access To: The #1 High-Ticket Business Model to Launch Online (Newbie Friendly) Why Low-Ticket Business Models Are Keeping You Broke (See the Math) Download High-Ticket Templates, Scripts, and...
  11. mattsteinman

    Baseline Numbers for Sales Funnel Conversions

    Are you losing money on your sales funnel? Are you breaking even on the front-end to cover the cost of your advertising (this should be your goal)? Does your business have a value ladder that includes high-ticket products/services on the backend? Below is an example of an affiliate sales...
  12. mattsteinman

    Getting into Web Design

    Looking "super nice" isn't always an effective strategy. Some of the simplest websites/sales funnel, where the user can easily find what they came there to find, are the best performing. I would move Sales Knowledge to the top of your priority list. What do you need an accountant for at this...
  13. mattsteinman

    Getting into Web Design

    What purpose does a traditional website solve? Of course, some entrepreneurs and businesses still need websites but let's go beyond the traditional website. They are becoming more and more ineffective as marketing and sales change. I would recommend looking into sales funnels and lead...
  14. mattsteinman

    Affiliate Marketing? Why don't I believe YouTube tutorials?

    You can honestly learn some valuable information on YouTube regarding affiliate marketing. Find people that you personally connect with, that share a similar backstory to you. Just don't go chasing all the shiny objects. Do the proper research and find a niche that you can speak intelligently...
  15. mattsteinman

    Oh wow... I've just found

    Check out OBS for that (FREE) :)
  16. mattsteinman

    Monthly Recurring Costs/Expenses In Order to Start Web-Online Business

    It all depends on what you want to accomplish. Are you going to be selling physical or digital products? Affiliate marketing? Generating organic traffic on Facebook is a great way to start. Create a Facebook Group around your niche to start attracting your audience by participating in other...
  17. mattsteinman

    Oh wow... I've just found

    Loom is great for quickly creating videos! Make sure to grab the Chrome Extension too!
  18. mattsteinman

    [Shiny Object Syndrome Cured] Affiliate Marketing vs Dropshipping

    I can see both sides of this argument and completely agree with creating your own MLM. But, the barrier of entry into affiliate programs is very low, obviously depending on your experience. So if you can find a company to work with that has the same values you share, it's a good place to learn...
  19. mattsteinman

    Facebook ada - how to properly split test?

    You'll need at least a $5/day budget. Depending on what you budget is, the more you can spend, the quicker you'll get results. So if you can afford a $20/day budget and let it run for 7 days, that would be ideal. Just think of it like you are collecting data. Set your budget at the Ad Set...
  20. mattsteinman

    [Shiny Object Syndrome Cured] Affiliate Marketing vs Dropshipping

    Affiliate marketing vs Dropshipping... ...these are two very different business models that both take a skillset that needs to be learned and applied. If you are a complete newbie coming into this online space, you first need to take a step back and discover your WHY. WHY are you getting into...

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