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  1. H

    Tracking packages in real time

    For a high end product it could work. Look at how many cars are bought and sold on Ebay Motors and shipped across the country. If I paid tens of thousands for a car that is coming from several states away it would be cool to see where it's at and when it would arrive. The buyer is probably...
  2. H

    The Biggest Thing Since Amazon to Happen To .com

    EBay opted me into the program when it was in beta, but I opted out. The reason being: I can ship my items internationally myself cheaper than what the Global Shipping Program can, you can't combine multiple items into one shipment with the program, and I sell antiques so some items were...
  3. H

    On the news - things employees wanted most

    I saw this snippet on the news this morning and thought it was crazy that these little things sound like huge perks to employees. I work for myself and can do basically whatever I want whenever I want. "If you could have one perk at your workplace, what would it be? A new CareerBuilder...
  4. H

    Fastlane Wedding Events?

    Also, I'm in charge of taking the RSVP's for the event which is kind of a pain. I think there is a need with that also. I'm looking into it, there are several services, but it seems fairly labor intensive.
  5. H

    Fastlane Wedding Events?

    Yes, I'm seeing it progress firsthand right in front of me. In my area there is a bar/grill setup, one of there locations is three doors down from my office, I talked to the owner many times when he first opened this location, his plan was to create an ideal store model and franchise FASTLANE...
  6. H

    AMA about PPC Advertising. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, whatever...

    Thanks for the reply. It is definately a weird situation. I did these affiliate marketing programs through clickbank and other independent sites about 7 years ago and advertised them through adwords, which was okay back them. I stopped advertising them probably 6 years ago when they weren't...
  7. H

    AMA about PPC Advertising. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, whatever...

    I was wondering if you have any tips to get back on adwords after having an account suspended arbitrarally. I was suspended for some affiliate marketing I did years ago that no longer meets their TOS. I now have my own website that I want to market. They said not to open another account but I...
  8. H

    Need an advice about Outsoursing

    Depending what you need exactly you can probably buy a list with the info or hire someone to scrape the data.
  9. H

    Pill That Slows Time

    This is exactly what the new DREDD movie is about. They named the drug slo-mo.
  10. H

    eBay: A Question About Profit

    Selling on Ebay isn't hugely complicated. When you are signed in, search for the item you are about to list. Then, click the option to see completed listings and you will see exactly what the item is selling for. Click on the item you want to list that sold for the highest price (green). You...
  11. H

    Adwords Account Suspended, not sure what is wrong

    Just as an update. I finally got a email from G stating that the account was suspended due to violations from affiliate programs I advertised from 7 years ago. It seems to be bad business that they would suspend me today for something that they were allowing me to promote back then. Anyway I...
  12. H

    Shipping Question

    I ship everyday using usps. A lot of the items are under $20.00. Paypal has a shipping section where you can print the labels directly from their site, you get the commercial rate from Pitney Bowes if you use them. If the items weigh under 13oz you can use the first class service which takes 3-5...
  13. H

    Adwords Account Suspended, not sure what is wrong

    So does anyone have any experience with being suspended and reinstated? Its been almost 3 weeks since the suspension, I called again 2 weeks ago and they said they are reviewing the account. I don't want to bug them, but would like to know what is happening.
  14. H

    Adwords Account Suspended, not sure what is wrong

    I got an email on Thursday from Adwords saying that my account of 10 years had been suspended due to advertising violations. I called G and the rep I talked to said that my site looked fine but she would review it and get back to me by the end of the business day on Friday. Its Monday and I...
  15. H

    Give Me Feedback on my Web App (Demo)

    when I type in a username and hit enter it will reset. Currently I have to click "Check It". You might want to work around that. But I think its a very useful concept.
  16. H

    eBay Challenge

    Or next time you are at the post office ask them for some of the free priority mail boxes. They will give them to you.
  17. H

    How to deal with a slowlaner girlfriend?

    Here is an article I read a while ago about communication differences between males and females- Communication styles of men and women, Tannen Basically if you have any kind of a relationship with a women you get to hear about her problems. She just needs to vent, but doesn't neccesarily want...
  18. H

    eBay Challenge

    My average fees last year were 14.58%. This includes ebay fees, paypal fees, and image hosting with auctiva ($9.99/month).
  19. H

    eBay Challenge

    Yes, are correct about doing things in batches. I normally will spend a couple hours taking pictures and then have enough item done to work on their listings for a couple days. As a tip, you can search for only the "completed listings" on ebay to see generally what your item will sell for...
  20. H

    eBay Challenge

    If you are going to make this a real gig I recommend you buy yourself a Brother QL-570 thermal label printer and the generic 2 3/4" label rolls of off amazon. This has been the best thing I've ever bought for my Ebay business. It saves you so much time and you get a shipping discount when you...

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