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  1. BeingChewsie

    Workout Accountablity Thread

    Are you eating enough to fuel your work-outs? I have been exhausted and just had to up my calories by 150-200 a day. I tried to make sure they were mostly from carbs too. I felt much better lifting this AM and I'm going to lift again in a little while and the additional calories seem to have...
  2. BeingChewsie

    Workout Accountablity Thread

    Hi Dennis, I'd limit the game to an hour a day, three to six days a week. You decide but three times a week should be a minimum. That is plenty of cardio for most people.
  3. BeingChewsie

    Workout Accountablity Thread

    Hope you got back on track today! I just did a quick 15 minute run on the dreadmill. I was so wiped running. :yawn: I hope you had a nice visit with your family too.
  4. BeingChewsie

    Workout Accountablity Thread

    Saturday I ran in the morning. I did my accessory lifts again in the afternoon. I'm lifting for aesthetics too, not just strength so I think adding lifts and increasing reps will really help with that. I've added barbell bicep curls, floor presses, upright barbell rows, and additional weighted...
  5. BeingChewsie

    Workout Accountablity Thread

    Just got done lifting! I am increasing my accessory lifts to go along with Stronglifts 5x5 so my lifting is taking an hour and 45 minutes now. I'm still running 2 times a week too. I'm on a cut cycle so I'm tired and am not progressing up on weights much, but hopefully it will be worth it when I...
  6. BeingChewsie

    Workout Accountablity Thread

    Yes! Today was a run day for me. Thank you for asking. I love lifting. I feel like such a badass when I'm done! Running is ok, but I get bored. It is just such a great cardio workout and fast. I'll run tomorrow morning and lift Saturday morning. I usually rest on Sundays.
  7. BeingChewsie

    Not REALLY new but...

    Hi Sarah, Welcome back! Being a stay at home mom is awesome, no question. It is a worthwhile dream. Here is the thing, focus on making the dreams of others come true, ease their path to their dreams and you will absolutely get to yours. You have to flip your mindset, once it becomes second...
  8. BeingChewsie

    Back again.

    Hi Cory, Welcome back :) Sue
  9. BeingChewsie

    Investing in an Office- Yay or Nay?

    Those waivers mean nothing. Nothing. Less than nothing. My husband is an attorney, he would froth at hearing a business had no insurance if somebody got hurt, that is money in the bank. You can't run a business that people will come in and out of without insurance. OMG. Don't even think about...
  10. BeingChewsie

    Can entrepreneurship really be taught?

    Hi MJ :) I do have it scattered around the forum on different threads, but I'm over due on an update which I will get posted on the inside ASAP. Thank you. It is great to be back posting here. Sue
  11. BeingChewsie

    Workout Accountablity Thread

    I'll join this thread. I'm on the mend from a very serious illness that took me out of commission for almost a year. I am back to running and back to lifting. I do Stronglifts 5x5 3x a week. A progressive heavy lifting program. I run 2 days a week, lifting is my primary work-out. I'm currently...
  12. BeingChewsie

    Can entrepreneurship really be taught?

    Yes. Yes. Yes. I wasn't born that way. So what brought about the change? Losing absolutely everything. and this: Changed everything. It is all about beliefs and beliefs can be changed...
  13. BeingChewsie

    How did you choose your market?

    Our 2 most recent businesses came from exposure to the industries, and listening. Our K-12 education company came about because I was a homeschooling mom and was active on homeschool forums and kept hearing the same problems discussed over and over. I went back years on those forums and it was a...
  14. BeingChewsie

    How To Bootstrap $100 A Day With No Car?

    Yes. I do. When you start getting daily work and can provide the basics take a look at this thread: You'll also want an insider subscription here. It is worth its weight in gold. I'd also suggest hitting up the...
  15. BeingChewsie

    How To Bootstrap $100 A Day With No Car?

    Get a bike. Walk places until you can. No excuses. Look for gigs on CL for right now. Take anything you can get. Get on elance today and get writing, don't let your pride price you out either. Right now some money is better than what you think you are worth...know what I mean? Do you have a bank...
  16. BeingChewsie

    Case Studies & Resources for Dominating Social Media Marketing [MasterThread]

    Allen, Thank you so much for putting all of this together. So much to pull out of this. Great job! Sue
  17. BeingChewsie

    Accepting Credit Cards from Customers

    We have had good luck with Chase and they have mobile checkout and online payment processing options.
  18. BeingChewsie

    Insufficient funds.

    So let's just assume you are right about everything. Your buddy who is going to develop your product isn't getting $15,000 upfront. Let's run it out 4 months instead of 3 months...that is only $3,750 a month. That isn't a lot to generate. You could flip stuff of CL or ebay and make that. You...
  19. BeingChewsie

    Can I be reported/sued for "stealing" an idea?

    Can you be sued? It depends. If the product you develop violates somebody's patent then the potential exists. In fact, there is a large part of the Patent Bar, whose practice involves designing around existing patents. Here is a simple example: We all remember liquid paper. Liquid paper was...
  20. BeingChewsie

    Oil and Gas Field?

    Yes. He is from the Phoenix area and shared a lot of valuable info in that interview. He struggled too, he started with nothing. Great story and may even reveal more opps, especially if you are front and center in the industry.

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