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  1. Alvaro02

    Create a shorts youtube channel

    Congratiulations Max, soon you will see that 2.5k spike turn into 25k
  2. Alvaro02

    Progressing from nothing to a Web Design Business

    Yo 15, you make me feel old haha You are going in the right path, I'll recommend working with wordpress, I feel it's faster and you can do more stuff than just html and css, although it's good to know those languages it'll help a lot with web development. You can try XAMPP it's a free desktop...
  3. Alvaro02

    Create a shorts youtube channel

    Give it time. Umm I use hashtags related to what I'm posting, such as philosophy, trust, anxiety, fyp. Tik Tok it's random and people only wanna see cool things that make them feel good or different. They don't F*cking care if you post a bob esponge video with loud sounds or a good video, it's...
  4. Alvaro02

    Deep instead of Wide

    Amazing post, you've nailed it, it's not about what new thing you can learn, the new dropshipping method, the new smma business. It's about get your shit together and think whatever interest you the most, pick that and stick to the plan, respect the grind. i will like to add, that when you...
  5. Alvaro02

    Hello all.

    I understand those fears, I want you to think that you need to do it, because if you don't close some deals others will do it, it's a competition and if you are not trying, you are disqualifying yourself in the first place. Work your mindset, your work is valuable and if you know something...
  6. Alvaro02

    Don’t lurk, do this instead

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Thanks for posting this Andy, as you can see I joined here 4th July, we are nearly in 2023 and I didn't post anything. You've helped me understand that I need to get out and try to add value, try new things.
  7. Alvaro02

    Create a shorts youtube channel

    Keep trying Tik Tok it's a huge bomb, months ago I started with a friend a Tik Tok account about philosophy kind of self improvement, we were getting 300 views, not a big deal. But then we uploaded Brian Tracy, those whiteboard fenix seminary videos and it went craaazy.
  8. Alvaro02

    New to the forum...

    Hi Tee, I'm Álvaro new here too. Whats your millionaire fastlane plan?
  9. Alvaro02

    I'm going to be eventually financially free! (20 yrs Female) Trying until I die!

    I'm from Spain. You just said a path to follow, you can learn all of those skills making a path, let's say you start with web development (do some blockchain stuff even), this is going to give you sales, communication and copywriting skills, which then you can make some ads for your business...
  10. Alvaro02

    I'm going to be eventually financially free! (20 yrs Female) Trying until I die!

    What skills are you looking to develop? I'm freelancing rn, In one week I'll make 2 months since I'm freelancing doing websites. I got into this because of crypto, I tried defi and failed haha so I said, why not program cryptos and I ended up learning Html and Css. Then got into wordpress and...
  11. Alvaro02

    New here, would love advice

    Ummm that's a nice Idea, maybe some subscription site, like the client sells a monthly service like coaching. Thanks for the tip. I mean it's all trying and learning, consistency of my acts and never give up. I've read The millionaire fastlane a long time ago and yesterday I decided to take...
  12. Alvaro02

    I'm going to be eventually financially free! (20 yrs Female) Trying until I die!

    I think it's a good choice, not cause I'm into web development haha, but because I think it's the person that makes anything succeed, not the skill you learn. Everywhere there is competition
  13. Alvaro02

    I'm going to be eventually financially free! (20 yrs Female) Trying until I die!

    Miru your post was amazing and I agree with everything you said, you have the self awareness and that "flame" to succeed. Can you share the web that you made? I'm in the web space too and I would love to network with people alike. Also I speak spanish too
  14. Alvaro02

    New here, would love advice

    Thanks for the reply, I'm doing websites right now getting better everyday looking to get great results for my clients. Because I know if I can make 10k to my client, I can get 2k. But tha'ts the hard part hahaha
  15. Alvaro02

    New here, would love advice

    Hi my name is Álvaro recently turned 20 yo and I'm from Spain. I just wanna know how to succeed in business, because here's the thing, 3 years ago I was skinny playing videogames all day and wasting my life so I decided to do calisthenics and get some muscles, that went great and I have now...

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