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  1. adventureguru

    Applying FastLane Principles to Finding Love?

    GENTS, a little modern-day short parable I thought I would share Once upon a time, A man asked a beautiful woman, "Will you marry me? " The woman said "NO " :arghh: And the bloke lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!:) AND rode motorcycles, AND raced cars AND travelled the world AND went to...
  2. adventureguru

    Stuggling for business ideas/inspiration? : INC 5000 has ALL the info you need, for FREE !

    I am currently in the process of researching my own next steps for my new business and in the past week I have found the "Inc" web site For those struggling for the inspiration of where to start, what to do, will it work, all the info is already ! This website gives you the Top...
  3. adventureguru

    Describe your first sale as an entrepreneur!

    Here is my little bit of history. I was making my way through high school. I had a love of rock music since I was a wee little child and seeing Live Aid in 1985 and Queen's Freddie Mercury commanding the world in the palm of his hand in 1985 at this global jukebox. I was hooked. One of...
  4. adventureguru

    Brewing up a business

    Look up Brewer BREWDOG in the UK History BrewDog - Wikipedia Fastlane is certainly possible as their success story shows
  5. adventureguru

    Inside the Mind of the $20 Billion Dollar Man: Elon Musk Internal Letter to Employees

    Note Elon's frequent use of the term 'adding value' as MJ always says
  6. adventureguru

    Is Marriage Part of the Script?

    Pictures are worth a thousand words of explanation :)
  7. adventureguru

    100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    The often mentioned Mike Rowe and his series "Dirty Jobs" here is the full list of industries from its 8 season run. Bat biologist (bat guano collector) bat rehabilitator, Baseball Rubbing Mud, fish gutter Catfish noodler septic tank technician worm castings rancher Golf ball diver...
  8. adventureguru

    I want to be world-class but don't want the world-class effort! Tell me how!

    I found this youtube vid truely inspirational today and well worth a watch ..................................................................................................................... It is an MIT presentation/lecture by world leading card mechanic "Richard Turner" and it has left a...
  9. adventureguru

    Blind since childhood - becomes BEST in the world - Whats your excuse ?

    Richard Turner- despite being blind becomes the absolute best in his field of expertise, even though he is blind ................................................................. I have just had the pleasure of watching this MIT presentation on "Richard Turner" and it has left a real impression...
  10. adventureguru

    What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    - Used Herman Miller Aeron chair (new about £1k, I hustled one for £180) - What a difference having a comfy chair makes!! I actually want to stay seated and put in the hours, at least that is how I justified the expense, lol. - Dymo 4XL printer (How could I forget - would marry this machine if I...
  11. adventureguru

    What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    Amazon Kindle - ticks a lot of boxes to make reading much more pleasurable experience
  12. adventureguru

    Hello from Denver - self publishing success

    Amazon has various ways of ranking products, but one of the least understood seems to be the Amazon Bestsellers Rank (also known simply as ‘Sales Rank’). This post will hopefully help you understand , as a customer, which books are selling well in a certain topic, and as a seller, which products...
  13. adventureguru

    successful eBay business looking to go fastlane - where to start

    TK1 & healthstatus - many thanks for taking the time and efforts to reply to my post - much appreciated the e-myth book is en-route to me from amazon the advice you give reads as logical and i can work on them My continued reading & research has opened up lots of different options since i...
  14. adventureguru

    You're from where??

    adventureguru Newcastle Upon Tyne - United Kingdom (UK)
  15. adventureguru


  16. adventureguru

    successful eBay business looking to go fastlane - where to start

    Hi A recently purchased & read in full the FastLane book on my Kindle I can say for sure it - has totally changed and re-shaped my outlook on the road to wealth I am very much new to the forum here and still digesting the full site content. Reading 2 days straight now. It will still take me...

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