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  1. J

    Website creation software.

    If you are just starting out, Wordpress would be the way to go initially. However, I'd get some knowledge too on HTML. There are times when I actually design what I want in Dreamweaver then copy over the HTML code into my Wordpress page or post. Wordpress has a lot of plugins available to do...
  2. J

    $75 Google Adwords / $50 Facebook Advertising - Entrepreneur Mag

    I believe for Google Adwords the only thing you need is a unique email address so you can register the coupon with. I'm almost for sure I have 2 or 3 Adwords accounts using the same credit card. I will check and post up later. Not sure about the Facebook advertising as I've never advertise on...
  3. J

    $75 Google Adwords / $50 Facebook Advertising - Entrepreneur Mag

    FYI - The March 2011 edition of Entrepreneur magazine has tear outs for $75 of Google Adwords advertising and $50 of Facebook advertising. That is a good deal if you compare the cost of the magazine to getting a $125 worth of advertising for your business. Enjoy! JR
  4. J

    Reaching the Fastlane - My Goals

    I'm on page 177 of MJ's book but skipped ahead and read chapter 44 on "Choose monogamy over polygamy". Wow, what a perspective he shares and something I've been guilty of a lot. I'm now having to rethink the direction of my eBiz stores. I mean I don't want to be just throwing mud on a wall...
  5. J

    Reaching the Fastlane - My Goals

    Well I wish I had more to report, but I haven't done much more with my first eBiz store lately. I've been busy with my screen printing business. I guess I can't complain too much as that is what will be bank rolling my eBiz stores until they turn a profit. I did receive an email today for $75...
  6. J

    MJ, I got your book last week and still going through it (on page 98). So far what I've read...

    MJ, I got your book last week and still going through it (on page 98). So far what I've read is dead on and so true. Glad I found your book, wish I'd found it sooner. I was wondering if there was a way I could get a PDF copy so I can read it during some of my down time at work? (Yes, for...
  7. J

    Reaching the Fastlane - My Goals

    Got my $100 Google Adwords card in the mail yesterday. I presume it's because I resumed my Adwords campaign for my screen printing business. I know that once you open a new Adwords account they usually send you a $100 card good towards a new Adwords account. So I figure once I use this on my...
  8. J

    Reaching the Fastlane - My Goals

    I got my 800 number from for my eBiz store. Actually I picked up 5 of them because they were consecutive numbers and I figure I might as well get enough for the other eBiz stores I'm plan to create. My HTML store template is also set and now I'll be adding products into my Excel...
  9. J

    800 number company suggestions needed

    Thanks everyone for the suggestion. I spoke to a Kall8 rep over the weekend and I think I will go with them. I like the lower monthly fee and the ability to have a dedicated 800 number for each of my eBiz stores because of the low fee. And if I decide to sell my eBiz store down the road the...
  10. J

    800 number company suggestions needed

    I'm developing a few eBiz stores and need an 800 for them. Looking for suggestions on 800 number providers. Also, for those that use the same 800 for all your eBiz stores, how do you handle answering the calls and determine which store the customer is calling? Thanks, JR
  11. J

    My website,, re-launch...

    Dave, Nice start. May I offer a suggestion? Make all your story links open to a new tab or window in the browser. This way when visitors are done reading the article and close the tab or window they remain at your site. I think this change will keep people on your site longer. Just a...
  12. J

    Reaching the Fastlane - My Goals

    Received MJ's book yesterday and I'm pumped! I can't believe the amount of common sense in the book, yet we have been sold a different bill of goods all our life. No wonder we have such a high chance of only being mediocre. I've always followed the mind set of we become what we are from the...
  13. J

    Reaching the Fastlane - My Goals

    Update 2-11-11 Today I coded the VB code to work with my Excel spreadsheet so I can generate HTML code for listing my products. It feels good once again to have the ability to create HTML pages automatically. I did that very same thing before with an online Hobby Shop I was running for a...
  14. J

    Reaching the Fastlane - My Goals

    Davidla, Thanks for replying to my post. While my t-shirt business is doing well I'm just tired of spending time in my garage printing shirts. In the beginning it was fun and exciting. Each new job brought in a different set of challenges. But after you've printed pretty much everything it...
  15. J

    Reaching the Fastlane - My Goals

    I just discovered MJ's book about 4 days ago. Downloaded and read the first 3 chapters and I could not read it fast enough. Finally someone speaks my language and had the same desires in life. Then I discovered his Blog and this forum. Wow...there are others out in the world that think like I...
  16. J

    Online payment portals

    I would offer both if you can, just to give your customers more options. However, I've been using PayPal Payments Pro for my Houston Screen Print - Custom T Shirts - 832-221-8413 business since 2005 without any problems. The main reason I like PayPal is because of cash flow. Every business...
  17. J

    How to start membership site?

    On my JR Gautreaux - Living Off Internet Riches...One Man's Journey | JR Gautreaux I use Wordpress plugins from Tips and Tricks HQ Tips and Tricks I use their WP eStore and WP eMember. Both work well with each other and are cheaply priced in my opinion for what they offer. Good luck! JR
  18. J

    I checkout out your websites and was wondering 1) Are you using Wordpress 2) If so, what theme...

    I checkout out your websites and was wondering 1) Are you using Wordpress 2) If so, what theme are you using and where I can get it I found this site from MJ's book and I found a post from you with information I liked. Seems like you are doing well and I too would like more time. I...

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