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  1. F

    How many action fakes can the fastlane come up with??

    I have no money *****Sent from the Latest iPhone*****
  2. F

    Quit my job, living in the fastlane. (How I Set Myself Up To Quit)

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Most people think that they need free time to take action but I can assure you that it is just an excuse to procrastinate. Think about it...when you have free time what you are going to do is not work in your business, but probably you are going to...
  3. F

    How to successfully handle a job and studies at the same time

    Hi Guys, Currently I am working in IT field as Consultant so I have to study, updating my knowledge, IT materials just to handle my job. The question is How can I successfully handle a Job while time study Marketing ? Sometimes I feel like stressed because I want to improve myself helping...
  4. F

    Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Hi Guys, I am newbie about cryptocurrencies. Do you suggest any book or forum to understand well this argument ? Thanks
  5. F

    eBook about Brand

    Thank you very much. What do you think about the book " The 22 Immutable laws of Branding - Al Ries" ?
  6. F

    eBook about Brand

    I have been working on a new app mobile. Do you know the best book, helpful and very valuable about branding ? Thank you in advanced.
  7. F

    Changing Lanes

    me too man, I have to do a lot of things that I don't know where I have to start
  8. F

    Changing Lanes

    Yeah man, I appreciate it. Thank you, How is going your business ?
  9. F

    Life Coach

    Yeah, the problem is to find a right mentor but in while I'll do my best to improve myself !!!
  10. F

    Changing Lanes

    Nice man, I have been building a blog regarding wealth but I'm at the beginning. The Idea is to use ads and affiliate programs. It's very hard for me using Seo because I have no experience and require long time. I need to take action !!
  11. F

    Life Coach

    Hi Omega, I have read the book, of course My problem is to create value for the customers. My goal, my lifestyle is clear but I don't know how to reach it. In this moment I have been building a blog regard wealth , mindset and so on. I would like to have an experience about affiliate marketing...
  12. F

    Life Coach

    Hi everyone, I would like to improve myself, but I don't know how to take action. Does someone think is recommended to have a mentor, coach for growing your success ? I like reading a lot books about motivation, soft skills but I think it isn't enough. Does someone use a coach ? Could you...
  13. F

    Advices about copywriting books

    Thank you guys for your books list. But I would like to know which is the book I have to read for first. I have no time to read every book and so I would like to know which book I can start to read and learn
  14. F

    Advices about copywriting books

    Hi all, I'm getting ready a blog for a particular niche and I would like to affiliate in some programs. Can someone suggest me a "MUST" book where I can learn about copywriting ? Ty in advanced
  15. F

    Advice for improving your Business

    Thank you for your answer. However I have read the book but I haven't understood yet how to avoid this. I would like to improve an existing product without to risk to be used like a cavy by big companies in that niche.
  16. F

    Advice for improving your Business

    Hi Guys, I would like to have an advice from you about how to avoid to became a cavy for the top Companies in a niche. I mean, for ex, I improve a product already existing made by Company X but I would want to avoid that, after two months, Company X adds what I did. How can I do ? Sorry for...
  17. F

    Join me in my journey

    Really nice bro. If you want an advice you could use this website like Tripadvisor with review and rating about barbers. What do you think about it ?
  18. F

    What do you think about Affiliate Marketing ?

    Ok thank you limitless. However I'm reading the boog and is the best book I've ever read before.
  19. F

    What do you think about Affiliate Marketing ?

    Hi Guys, What do you think about Affiliate Marketing ? Is a good business ? I really appreciate any advice. Thank you
  20. F

    Advice for a business

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a simple business for making first money, I don't know if it is the correct section but I would like to have an advice for what kind of business I can start. What do you think about trading ? Is a good business ? It doesn't matter if is a slowlane business, for me is...

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