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    Setting myself up for the Fastlane - Corporate vs SMB Job

    I definitely feel more comfortable in an MNC-based desk bound environment as I had done several internships. I know I am generalising a lot but it will mostly be powerpoint slinging and excel reporting, something I am already familiar with. And I got to be honest, the thought of switching to...
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    Setting myself up for the Fastlane - Corporate vs SMB Job

    I have read MJ's books and understand the concept of the Fastlane. At the moment, I neither have the money nor an idea to execute a business so I have identified that the first step is to get a job. A bit more about myself, I have action faked for 2 years and I am now in my final semester of...
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    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Thank you MJ for writing such a game changing book like Unscripted. It opened my eyes to how the script has infiltrated our lives without us knowing about it.
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    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    I have read TMF. The concepts of the Sidewalk, Slow Lane and Fastlane really hits home. I would say that I am in the Slow Lane for several aspects of my life (schooling, saving, investing) and Sidewalk for others like spending too much time on social media and games.
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    College student engaging the market with an Internship?

    I am open to the idea of not doing an internship during my summer break as I already have some cash from previous jobs. However, I am not sure how else I can use the break wisely, given that I don't have an idea built on the CENTS framework at the moment (of course that can change). I have seen...
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    College student engaging the market with an Internship?

    Hello everybody! Its good to be in the company of so many driven individuals who are already on the Fastlane or are taking the necessary steps to get themselves there. A bit about myself: I am a second year college student studying Business from Singapore. I was introduced to the idea of the...

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