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  1. 8

    My friend just got a new rifle...

    For AR fans, be sure to check out some of Les Baer's work. He turns out some VERY accurate rifles.
  2. 8

    10 things millionaires won't tell you article

    Respectfully, I think that your mindset is backwards on this one. You want to own 100% of an investment or business that is generating income. You want to have fractional ownership of a doo-dad that's depreciating. Fractional ownership and leasing also allow you to put your capital to...
  3. 8

    Determining Locations for Apt Purchase

    I came across this article today and thought that the information in it might be helpful to people scouting potential locations for apartment investing. I know that Steve-O is working in Houston, which happens to be the #1 city listed in this article...
  4. 8

    Poker: How you can get started, succeed, and many myths and facts

    Re: Poker: How you can get started, succeed, and many myths and f I've played online for play money before, and it seems to me that the inevitable always happens. Someone shows up at the table and goes all-in on every single hand. When they bust, they just re-buy and continue to repeat the...
  5. 8

    Should I File Bankcuptcy ?

    I'm no expert, but it seems that they used Clinton's famous "don't ask, don't tell" method of doing business. Lenders didn't ask how a buyer could afford the mortgage, and the borrower didn't tell the lender that he/she couldn't. Same deal here...I'm guessing. A lot of these homeowners saw...
  6. 8

    Should I File Bankcuptcy ?

    I assume that you're talking about the $385k mortgage with a $40k/yr salary? That happened a lot. No document loans, baby! Back then I probably could have sold my house to my dog if I tried hard enough.
  7. 8

    Should I File Bankcuptcy ?

    First, you need to learn the difference between your and you're before calling anyone else a loser. Otherwise, you'll just make a fool out of yourself. ;) Second, the OP came on here looking for help and advice just like you did. Your personal situations may be different, but your goals were...
  8. 8

    Remeber your purpose

    Great post, Banthaman. Speed ++
  9. 8

    Having trouble finding a broker!

    Kung Fu Steve, Are you sending a financial statement or other type of proof of your ability to buy when you contact brokers? I am sure that they get a ton of tire-kickers, and have learned to sniff out the buyers from the dreamers (not to imply that you're the latter). Give them a reason to...
  10. 8

    JScott- Did you get married today?!

    Congratulations on your marriage, Jason! :banana:
  11. 8

    I live a crazy life

    Me too. Those Canadian raccoons must be something else!
  12. 8

    Internet vs Real Estate

    I find it interesting that so many people tout the internet's low barriers to entry as an advantage. While I agree that it is, I also see this as a huge disadvantage. It seems to me (as someone who's not in e-biz) that just about any moderately successful idea is immediately copied a thousand...
  13. 8

    Determining Locations for Apt Purchase

    I'm not nearly as informed as Steve, but from I have learned you try to buy toward the end of a down-swing (though that's hard to time perfectly). You're counting on future employment to drive the demand for rental units up, thus increasing your revenue and value. You ride the wave for a...
  14. 8

    Determining Locations for Apt Purchase

    What about the mix of people in a given area? In my opinion, I'd want populations with a lot of younger (20's) and older (retired) people because these two groups serve as your largest pool of renters. I'd also look for a high number of single people, because they're more likely to rent than...
  15. 8

    Business idea for you guys.

    Perhaps, but I still believe that cost will play a bigger role with most of the target demographic. Success would definitely depend on finding the right location to carve your niche.
  16. 8

    Business idea for you guys.

    What's the cost differential between a steam washer and a conventional machine? My instinct tells me that your laundromat customers will only care about one thing...cost. Green is a sexy topic in the media right now, but press coverage won't likely be enough to pull customers in your door...
  17. 8

    Easy come.......easy go.

    ATW - Yes, I think we can both agree on your last post. Leveraging money wisely through a HELOC can help spring-board someone into the fast lane. I'm all for it. Unfortunately, these people weren't even slow lane to begin with. I don't think they could even find the buggy tracks with...
  18. 8

    Easy come.......easy go.

    You don't? From the description of their first house, these people didn't have the slightest clue about anything related to construction. I see a huge problem with them starting a construction biz. They might as well have purchased $450k in lotto tickets. They weren't investing, they were...
  19. 8

    Easy come.......easy go.

    Simply incredible. :bgh: As I understand the story, these "victims" of the foreclosure "crisis" thought it would be wise to take out a loan against their new house to start a construction business. And these same people were previously living in a dump that was so bad it had to be torn down...
  20. 8

    I know we have some prayers here

    I'll keep your father and family in my prayers!

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