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    Selling experience or service over products?

    I do think the price of admission to an RV park like that would weed out the lower end outfits. I have nothing against those less fortunate but the reality is low income folks with campers tend to fill up parking lots instead. We have lots of forest service property around here in the mountains...
  2. C

    Selling experience or service over products?

    I have spent the last 10 years selling products. The more I look around I realize there are so many products out there it's hard for people to even make a decision. I watch shark tank and people essentially keep rehashing similar ideas over and over. Some are good and some not so much but the...
  3. C

    Life's Most Bitter Truth: What Your University Won't Teach You...

    GOLD! HOT! 
    My wife and I were happiest when we younger and in debt. We had debt on the things that we had with and our income was low but we didn't care because we were having fun and it was the best time of my life. Fast forward 20 years and we are way way better off finincially and have gotten rather...
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    Is everyone just importing goods?

    Construction related hand tools. Not much box stores would carry.
  5. C

    Is everyone just importing goods?

    I haven't seen much talk about sourcing goods from U.S. or even doing your own manufacturing? Is this not viable? I am aware of a company that closed at the beginning of covid because the owner was retirement age and didn't want anymore hassle. I think he still owns all the machines for...
  6. C

    Would the world run if everyone were a fastlaner? How would it be different?

    I just don't see how its possible. I work in sales. I do the research, order, have stock as well as sell things I don't have in stock. My guys rhat work in the back are great guys but there is just no possible way they could do what I do. Same with fastlaning. I read the book 6 years ago and...
  7. C

    Applying barrier of entry to sales

    Ok so I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do and recalling the barrier entey part of things makes me think about so many people on here selling little stuff on Amazon and Ebay which seems like the lowest level of difficulty possible. I have some cash and was thinking more costly...
  8. C

    What will you focus on in 2022?

    I am stepping out of my comfort zone and taking more risk. Distancing myself from duds and affiliating more with people who are successful. Duds will only bring you down.
  9. C

    I can't do this anymore

    This is a challenging time in your life. Take care of your family first. Maybe your current situation will end up opening new doors for you. There will lots and lots going on all around you for a long time and I don't see why you couldn't be a part of that.
  10. C

    Do you think having an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age has huge advantages over someone who didn't?

    At about 27 or 28 I had the mindset but my exucutions weren't on point and I essentially lost about 5 years worth of any type of progression. I came from a low income abusive home, did time in military, and married a poor woman so I wasn't exactly lined up with great prospects. I got a decent...
  11. C

    I can't do this anymore

    Sorry but quitting isn't an option for you. Help is on the way and when you acceptes the role as a family man your choice for quitting went away. Have some paitence and you and your family will recover.
  12. C

    Been off here for awhile. Eager to now get somewhere.

    Thank you. I totally agree with that. For time being I invested in what I believe with critical infrastructure related to the upcoming EV market. I have a fair amount of certainty in that but it just doesn't enough, fast enough, or keep me busy enough. I want to find a new mission and end up...
  13. C

    Been off here for awhile. Eager to now get somewhere.

    I have read them but its been awhile. I can identify many problems that should be dealt with that would make things better. Its just that I don't k ow how to approach this. Dealing with corperations post covid has been a nightmare because they allow everyone to work from home and this process...
  14. C

    Been off here for awhile. Eager to now get somewhere.

    Hello, I regestered here over 5 years ago and struggled over those years trying to come up with something that could work. I have spent the last 10 working at the same job. I have the flexibility to run my portion of someone else's business the way I choose to. I have some terribly toxic...
  15. C

    How do you make an invention idea a reality?

    Ok, so after some deep thinking of who might come after me as competition on this idea I realized many companies could use existing product just modified and even sell to people who have some of their product already. Ideally I'm now leaning towards selling a company the concept and letting them...
  16. C

    How do you make an invention idea a reality?

    I have a design and the tem doesn't need much changed. It should be a simple and effective design. I made some changes last night that I feel will reduce cost and make it easier to use and more reliable.
  17. C

    How do you make an invention idea a reality?

    I just looked up and it looks like I have engineering firm in my area that might match up in this field to make something work. I will call them.
  18. C

    How do you make an invention idea a reality?

    I have an idea that could be a big game changer but I don't have the means to make a prototype. The end products would most likely cost only $40-60 and could be marketed to 10s of millions of people. This item could have actually save lives in certain situations. I just don't have what it takes...
  19. C

    Anyone know if parking lot striping is profitable?

    I live in a city of 60,000 give or take and I only know of one guy doing parking lot striping and its the same guy been doing for 25+ years and he is really slowing down. He does less and less every year. I have seen many business owners outside doing a very half assed job themselves. I'm...
  20. C

    Do you have to lie to become a top producer in Sales?

    I sell 1.5 million a year in a combination of B2B and B2consumer. I never false represent a product, I always try to match the customer with what best fits their needs after hearing them out on what they want. Its always best to hear from a customer first what their needs/wants instead of you...

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