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  1. FNeu

    Hi My name is Numi I am from Turkey

    Gaziantep has good food too?
  2. FNeu

    Hi My name is Numi I am from Turkey

    Planning on Istanbul, Izmir, Mugla, Gaziantep! Yeah I have seen it some, I've already got my flights booked so I'm really hoping nothing will happen to cause a lockdown or extreme restrcistions
  3. FNeu

    Hi My name is Numi I am from Turkey

    Hey Numi welcome to the forum! I will be visiting Turkey for a month long trip starting January 28th
  4. FNeu

    Free Marketing Materials from Alex Hormozi... Legit?

    Great info here, thanks for posting this! I was going to DM you, but your profile is private and I can't even access your profile apparently. But I would be very interested in learning more about what has worked for you when making offers to investors as I have been struggling with this lately.
  5. FNeu

    The Worst (and Best) Mass Media Advertising...

    These new Taco Bell commercials are god awful. They are just so random and don't do anything that gets me saying or thinking, "Wow that really makes me want to buy a freakin taco!". I do think the bell sound is iconic, I would recognize it anywhere it wasn't directly attached to a Taco Bell ad...
  6. FNeu

    Introduction post

    Welcome man! Glad you're determined to be around like minded people and to get started!
  7. FNeu

    How creative are you? Take this test and find out...

    Your score is 87.67, higher than 92.62% of the people who have completed this task
  8. FNeu

    Hello i'm new in the forum

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the intro! Glad you found the book as a teenager and that you are willing to start your fastlane journey!
  9. FNeu

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    After 2.5 weeks, I've read The Millionaire Fastlane! I've been reading it consistently, but I am a terribly slow reader. Any advice on how to become a speed reader while maintaining comprehension? MJ, amazing book man! I love it. The back half of the book just intrigued me so much and fired me...
  10. FNeu

    How to (not) focus on multiple things at once and achieve mediocre results.

    Love this post! Thanks man!
  11. FNeu

    2022 State Tax Rankings... Time for You to Move?

    Thanks for sharing this. I am originally from Colorado, born and raised. I moved to Texas April of this year for no income tax for my real estate business/investments... But as I get into more of a true business with different ideas I have and researching and learning about everything...
  12. FNeu

    So glad to be here as a new forum member!

    Welcome! Glad you're on board with getting out of the slowlane!
  13. FNeu

    Hello! Glad to be apart of the forum!

    Welcome! Thanks for the intro!
  14. FNeu

    Hello All - Intro + Ready to be brutally honest and unscripted

    Thanks for the intro, glad to hear it! Welcome!
  15. FNeu

    Intro-Hey All-

    Welcome and thanks for sharing!
  16. FNeu

    Best Series, Documentaries, Movies to Watch On Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu

    Definitely check out Ozark on Netflix and Yellowstone on Peacock
  17. FNeu

    How to switch into your peak flow state, in 10 minutes or less

    Thanks for the post. I agree and have known about this for a while as I grew up playing sports from elementary through college. But after college I have done a terrible job about being active... and I can tell the difference as well as see it. I guess I never really paid attention to it while I...
  18. FNeu

    I could use some life advice...

    Don't go back to school, it is a complete waste. You mentioned you took a real estate course, I am going to send you a PM about what I do. I don't know the extent of your injury but there are tons of businesses that can be run remotely whether you run them yourself or you hire employees. Check...
  19. FNeu

    Glad to join you all

    Welcome to the greatest forums to exist

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