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  1. JasonR

    Free Kindle!

    I just bought a new Kindle and I want to give away my previous Kindle - which is still in excellent shape with a cover. Post here "I want it" and your favorite book you've read in the last year. I'll pick one of you at random (book recommendation/content doesn't matter) and I'll ship it to you...
  2. JasonR

    Where do you put your money now? Is real estate in a bubble? For you yes, for me no.

    I'm not so sure - I think you're missing a key piece in your analysis. What's currently happening in the market is very complex, so it's really hard to predict what's going to happen. We're seeing a record number of investors (private equity, etc.) buy homes. They can afford to buy all cash...
  3. JasonR

    Come be our new roommate. San Diego

    Agreed! We did this in Scottsdale and it was life changing!
  4. JasonR

    Affordable Internet Lawyer or Accountant

    For what purpose? Good counsel is not cheap. What type of attorney/CPA?
  5. JasonR

    Your 2022 Stock Market Predictions? Vote (Closed)

    What do you think now? ;)
  6. JasonR

    Fighting CV19: Please send thoughts and well wishes to Greg B (Runum)

    Man, I had heard Greg was sick, but today was the first time seeing this thread. I can’t imagine the hell you’ve been through, Greg. Your wife is incredibly strong. We’re all hoping and betting you’ll pull out of this thing a stronger man. My thoughts are with you.
  7. JasonR

    Why what car you drive matters

    Huracan EVO RWD
  8. JasonR

    Why what car you drive matters

    This is so true, and wasn’t something I realized until a few years ago. Bio doesn’t give a shit about watches, and probably doesn’t understand why I like them. But we both sure as shit pour more money into mountain bikes than what some cars cost.
  9. JasonR

    Why what car you drive matters

    You know what’s funny? This was on my mind…I just ordered a Huracan, and am renting a one bedroom apartment as the last 5 offers I made on houses (above asking) all got beat. I may sit this housing cycle out. I do own a vacation home, but am not parking it up there. I’ve got a year to find a...
  10. JasonR

    Yeti Coolers = $100MM in sales

    Where is this conventional wisdom that you speak of coming from?
  11. JasonR

    E-commerce: $100k in one hour

    Hey don't knock yourself! $50k a month is a great start and you shouldn't have to worry about a job any more. Pat yourself on the back. We plan to run sales like these 1-3 times a year, no more. Our annual turnover is in currently in the mid-to-high 7 figures, and we have quite a lot of...
  12. JasonR

    Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    Yes. This is allowed.
  13. JasonR

    Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    Do you really think the one of the largest, most technologically advanced companies in the WORLD can't figure out you have a relative buying your product? Especially when they've been in CONSTANT hot water for fake reviews on their platform by major media companies? Is it worth it to you for...
  14. JasonR

    Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    Uh no - don't do this. This used to work, but Amazon is well aware of this. Biophase is more of an expert than I am, but I'll weigh in. For reviews: Use Vine Use the "ask for review" button in Seller Central (this can be automated with an App/Extension). Also, sell a legitimately good product...
  15. JasonR

    E-commerce: $100k in one hour

    You're close... There's another metric that is super important in business - whether you're selling a company or running a healthy one, and that's your return on capital. ROC is NOT talked about enough IMO. Basically, think of it this way. Your return on capital decreases the longer your...
  16. JasonR

    Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    Like AnneC said, it's likely that they moved. Also, it's a huge mistake to separate your blog/content from your main domain. Ex: if you setup your content site at but your shopping site at - ranking does not carry through across subdomains (although Google...
  17. JasonR

    We provide excellent CUSTOMER disSERVICE!

    Damn - I just switched to private client since BofA is TERRIBLE - echoing @MJ DeMarco on his experiences. I have the cell of my personal banker, but I hope he doesn't turnover as he's been pretty good. It's probably time to go create some personal relationships with smaller banks.
  18. JasonR

    E-commerce: $100k in one hour

    First, we continually write USEFUL content. Think of things like "How to" guides, location guides, and 10 Best Widget guides. Articles that are actually useful and want to be read. We do this to rank organically (SEO) and we also email these articles. Here's an example of our weekly campaign...
  19. JasonR

    E-commerce: $100k in one hour

    Yes. We write a LOT of content, primarily for SEO but also to send to our e-mail list. We make sure to e-mail content (Good, targeted content) that people want to read on a regular basis. We lead with value first, and sales pitches second.

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