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  1. MHP368

    Build a real estate company in a D area

    flipping mobile home parks? the real estate world in general sort of ignores it because its not seen as "sexy" but, thats sort of your bread and butter. Due dilligence is a bitch though (even a small deal could have you busy 6 to 12 months waiting for inspections and things)
  2. MHP368

    Every entrepreneurship-related place on the internet only discusses new ideas. What about things that just take hard work, not fresh ideas?

    Nick at the "sweaty startup" perhaps? They have another podcsst , cant recall the name right now but the premise on that one is interviewing people who purchase existing businesses to flip.
  3. MHP368

    learn coding vs outsource

    They have "drag and drop" wordpress building platforms like elementor but honestly you can get a really good site for 2 to 500. Now , its a car dealership so you're going to have to learn enough to at least be able to modify listings but IMO one foot in front of the next. Why not pay to have...
  4. MHP368

    Start an online college for degree hacking?

    Yes apparently certain colleges consider 'regional" to be more legitimate than "national" , which seems counter intuitive.
  5. MHP368

    Self-Help is a CULT!

    I think you paint with too broad a brush , like...the hypnagogic effect from being at a rony robbins event IS THE POINT Thats why he has no few books vs the amount of live events he does , he got started with nlp and hypnosis and gestalt therapy and yeh jim rohn but anyone can write a goals...
  6. MHP368

    Start an online college for degree hacking?

    So if you're unfamiliar just do a web search for the term "degree backing" "Headline" here is you can take tests and get college credit for things you already know (or can quickly cram) So you can get a bachelors degree in a few months instead of four years for instance (they limit how many...
  7. MHP368

    Any ideas of some physical side hustles to make extra money?

    Yeh they have a pretty thorough "how to" book on this for cheap as well. It doesn't scale in the sense that a digital product can but you can add more equipment and services and build it out to a construction firm.
  8. MHP368

    Any ideas of some physical side hustles to make extra money?

    Parking lot striping Chalk , string , a little football field style striper that takes spray paint and the paint Voila Go find little places on the outskirts (not big nice proffesional strip malls just yet) and hustle it up. Another would be pressure washing driveways and sealing them. If...
  9. MHP368

    Personal challenge - no porn, no coffee, more discipline!

    Here's an interesting take. What if you we're the kind of person , who never did the default action in any situation? Alarm clock. Default. Snooze. Candy / tobacco sensors pleasure. Default? Intake Exercise. Default : sedentary. Etc What if instead of tackling life piecemeal , you simply...
  10. MHP368

    Licensing idea?

    How do patents work in italy? Where are the aluminum strips made?
  11. MHP368

    Thought Experiment: WWYD in Your Post Powerball Euphoria?

    What else? For real though? Some scientific hail mary stuff. Invest in...Lawrenceville I think? Theyre working on the boron fusion where it doesnt give off neutrons. That metal organic framework MIT is futzing with that pulls water from air? Throw a hundred million at that bad boy so we can...
  12. MHP368

    Vaccines Required to Fly - The Beginning of More Intensive Government Control

    Because half the "asymptomatic" cases from the diamond princess cruise ship had ground glass ct opacities in their lungs (ie , it had hurt them) and asymptomatic people can still spread the disease? If you're going to form an opinion , try and form an INFORMED opinion.
  13. MHP368

    Vaccines Required to Fly - The Beginning of More Intensive Government Control

    And what , prey tell is the risk of yellow fever overwhelming an entire countries medical system? Hint! Rather unlikely because of vectors , but don't bust a sweat trying to learn it all at once , we have these "doctor" folks who sort of specialize in these concepts And what then , would be...
  14. MHP368

    Vaccines Required to Fly - The Beginning of More Intensive Government Control

    Because its basic social contract sort of stuff? Drive a car? Licence Own property? Taxes for the local community Y'all read too many "very smart" blogs and watch too much damn youtube. Its messenger rna in a lipid bilayer for delivery. If you've had any of your childhood vaccines you've...
  15. MHP368

    Book recommendationx for Entrepreneurs (similar my list)

    "do the work" by steven pressfield, which will actually tell you to pick a topic - read a maximum of 3 books about it and then go execute. don't get lost in fantasyland, lots of great knowledge in those books but it'll be their to help you when you need it, pre-loading on too much will just...
  16. MHP368

    What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    So Good They Can't Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love by Cal Newport -Great read, I'm often reading multiple themed books simultaneously so I've got a few generic creativity books going right now as well as "start with why", basic premise is that "follow your...
  17. MHP368

    New retail franchise, good idea?

    I'm sorry , is the business model to open one of the retail franchises or get into web site development?
  18. MHP368

    Need advice for business

    Well , we all gotta work with the seed and soil and sunshine and rain weve got , whata growing in lithuania? Whats possible? Could you leave?
  19. MHP368

    Anyone using the Wim Hof Meditation Method?

    Can't vouch for the book but his "app" is free with some free content (you can also find two different recordings of the beginners 11 minute breathing on youtube) , + explanation of the ice bath stuff. the breathing is controlled hyper ventilation, linked here would be an example of actual...
  20. MHP368

    The Tesla and Electric Car Money-Saving Scam

    You forgot maintenance Electric cars wipe the floor simply because tour batteries coverd for ten eyars and fewer moving parts and no internal combustion means fewer things break. Now if you're in the 12 or 15k new car sedan range? Yeh not worth it. But if you we're already shopping for a car...

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