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  1. Adelaide

    Here - but not hustling.

    A few years ago I was on the forum a lot. I was focussed fulltime on my entrepreneurial pursuit, which failed. Boo hoo. I didn't fail though. The distinction is important. The business failed. I thrived. I learned a shitload, networked and ended up in a terrific position (yes, working for the...
  2. Adelaide

    Leaving behind friends and loved ones

    Welcome! You are not alone! :) Okay - my advice is to treat this like a learning experience; a chance to hone your mental discipline, people skills and general self-management. This looks different depending on - Your family - Your stage in life / their stage in life - Your personality - You...
  3. Adelaide

    How does Value Perception help you?

    I haven't released it yet. I've decided to go with my gut and outsource marketing to a team (who will launch it in next 6-8 weeks). They are not costing very much - I have shopped around for experts who can fill my knowledge gap. I'll still do bits, but it'll be part of a bigger strategy for my...
  4. Adelaide

    You're from where??

    Adelaide, South Australia! (Yes, I'm Adelaide from Adelaide.. )
  5. Adelaide

    How does Value Perception help you?

    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing! Congrats dude. I have a product that is yet to be released. I planned to sell it for a small amount, then after some research increased the price considerably. Not sure how it will go - but I'm still so glad I'll be starting at a higher point. It's a tough...
  6. Adelaide

    The absolute BEST book you MUST read!

    Took me ages to finish Unscripted. I started in when I was in a bad spot.. and when I was able to make progress on myself, I finished it. Actually took me about a year I think!
  7. Adelaide

    What book (besides TMF and Unscripted) was your game change ??

    Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin. It helped me gain understanding of habits, personality types, self-awareness and values. Is it the best book in the world? Probably not. But it's a great entry-level all-rounder for anyone. Years ago, it changed my life.
  8. Adelaide

    Advice Wanted - Releasing my Online Course

    I've done a couple of 'tests' already and it's been great. I gathered feedback, tweaked and improved. Now I'm ready for the bigger launch. However, a pre-launch is a great idea, thank you. This does help financially and the Reviews/ Social proof is something I could better utilise. Cheers!
  9. Adelaide

    Advice Wanted - Releasing my Online Course

    Thank you! I'm going to have another look at my numbers... :)
  10. Adelaide

    Advice Wanted - Releasing my Online Course

    PS: You're son is awesome!!! Just found him Youtube.. and I'm watching!
  11. Adelaide

    Advice Wanted - Releasing my Online Course

    Thank you!. That's terrific advice. My business already has a little traction (yes, little, but still some) without marketing dollars. I have a small 'tribe' already I could leverage better!
  12. Adelaide

    Morale decrease

    I read 'Peaks and Valleys' - a very short book. "Between Peaks there are always Valleys. How you manage your Valley determines how soon you reach your next Peak." Eg, sometimes I feel unmotivated. The ACTIONS I take during those times determines how long I feel unmotivated. We are ALWAYS...
  13. Adelaide

    Advice Wanted - Releasing my Online Course

    Hey Fastlaners, I'm after some advice on how to launch my online course. So far my business has held events - this the first course. Should I release the online course myself now? or Wait to 'launch it' via a marketing company in 3 months? Marketing company will take a couple months because...
  14. Adelaide

    Hello fastlane women / mums... are you there??

    YES! I'm here - female, in South Australia and building my business. I'm childfree by choice though.
  15. Adelaide

    Would you get insurance when running fitness lessons?

    I'm in a different industry, but for me to: - Say anything (not even give advice, but literally talk) - I need Professional Indemnity. - Meet with anyone in person -I'm required to have Legal Liability and the venue is too. - Work with anyone (eg, Bring in a contractor, speaker) - They need...
  16. Adelaide

    Buying vs Renting. Which are YOU?

    We own our home in South Australia (not outright, we have a mortgage). We are child-free by choice and have a 3 bedroom townhouse in a terrific area, one suburb from the CBD. Buying was the right choice for us. 1) We DID NOT extend ourselves. We bought modestly compared to our options and saw...
  17. Adelaide

    The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    I listened to this book a few years ago on Audible. I liked his passion and drive - but that's all I got from it. I have spend years over-delivering. Yes, it can yield great results - but at what cost? Much of the time over-delivering is a WASTE of resources. It's far better to spend time...
  18. Adelaide

    One thing all successful entrepreneurs seem to have in common

    It sounds like you're referring to Self Awareness and one's personal ownership of their situation. Being able to zoom out and see the bigger picture. Is this what you mean?
  19. Adelaide

    What do to when people say "don't chase money" in terms of following your passion but you don't have any passions?

    Good on you for being here, asking questions and not making a rash decision about what to do next. Educating yourself is #1 and you're doing that. MJ's books aren't about following your passion. That's the best thing about them. There's heaps of entrepreneurial advice out there for people who...
  20. Adelaide

    Best Slowlane Job Recommendations?

    I just want to say thanks for posting this. I'm currently applying for Slowlane jobs (and like you, it's concurrent to my Fastlane business). I'm in Australia, so I don't know anything about your job market. I have a history in sales, which pays well here. It's been FANTASTIC for learning...

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