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  1. woken

    MJ... you are FINALLY going to BE A (post) MILLIONAIRE!

    That’s value. Lots of it. One could write a book out of it. :hilarious: Thank you MJ for always delivering without expectations. God bless.
  2. woken

    Hyperinflation starting? What's happening in your area? Post your ground reports.

    Peaking at 20%. :rofl: Media still continues to say “well, it’s bad but only kind of bad.” What baffles me is why prices are going up 2-300% when inflation is “only” 11%?
  3. woken

    How to build a brand.

    Haven’t updated in a while. I see last update was back in March. I picked up the product then slowly lost faith in the project as time passed and things didn’t progressed my way. I started spiralling down with health anxiety, daily panic attacks and only got better towards the beginning of...
  4. woken

    looking for sunglasses factory in China

    I knew this. I sent some designs I wanted made for another kind of product and the “molding fee” was totalling £4500 for all products. I waited a couple of weeks then they listed my products. I purchased them at £2/ piece. Lol.
  5. woken

    A recession is needed in order SHAKE-OUT the fools...

    Maybe I’m too young or dumb. What’s wrong with a recession? Isn’t it part of the economy? Isn’t it out of our control? Isn’t it guaranteed that IT WILL HAPPEN every now and then? Why are people acting like this is a surprise ? I understand some lost “everything” during the other recessions but...
  6. woken

    CHAPTER VIII | Future Millionaire’s Journey As A Former Dishwasher

    Looks a lot like the die old with $ 1M saved movement. Why not put this effort into somewhere more productive rather than doing charts?
  7. woken

    The Etsy MEGA Thread... Best Practices, Use, Etc.

    long, robot-type style SEO. Title must also be found in the description and tags. Most don’t bother with including the title words in the copy per se; personally i just copy the title and paste it as first line.
  8. woken

    What is the best way to monetize this highly perishable niche pet product?

    This is how this type of business should start. Does it really, or is it just an expression? lol. I guess I’d start with finding customers. Figure out how much you need to buy for a batch for 4-5 dogs. If it’s frozen then you can keep it that way for a while. Also, I understand this is a...
  9. woken

    Started My First Company Right Out Of College, Ready For Biz #2

    Nothing wrong with thinking big, but how will picking numbers out of the hat help you? Can’t make more than a few thousand a month? No problem, just build something that makes 10million a month. What have I missed here?
  10. woken

    ADVICE- I started a crane, scaffolding and earth moving machines rental business

    This. Have two insurances if at all possible. I’ve visited Italy over 30 times in the last 4 years and I swear I’ve never seen construction workers wearing safety equipment. 20m in the air on a scaffold with no harness? no problem. Yesterday I passed near an excavator on the road just working...
  11. woken

    What problems will there be to solve in 2023?

    Heard that @Johnny boy ? You’re going to need more teams. :rofl:
  12. woken

    Ask 8-figure business owners for personalized advice!

    Check uniqlo’s airism underwear. When it comes to this we’re biased. We tend to overlook that other brands are already doing this. ( You can’t find seamless underwear on Google, right? ) :rofl:
  13. woken

    My experience in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT)

    Glad to see topics like these. I’d very much like to be as open minded to try such things. Without this kind of attitude, you miss lots of possible experiences. I’d be terrified though :rofl:But then again, I’m scared to take stomach pills that are also antipsychotic so…. How do you sleep...
  14. woken

    HELP! Please report SCAMMER on IG impersonating me...

    I have not experienced it first hand, but I’ve seen 3-4 guys doing the exact same thing and documenting it on youtube. And I get furious, because all they did was upload a 10 page ebook in an unheard of category, have friends buy it and become a bestseller. Screenshot that, send it over and...
  15. woken

    HELP! Please report SCAMMER on IG impersonating me...

    I reported it several times :) The link in the bio is an affiliate that redirects to your real books. When applying to get verified just send them screenshots of any of your books as a bestseller on amazon/ other platform. It works every single time.
  16. woken

    E-commerce Business Treading Water - Looking to Bring It New Life

    You have no high school kid in your family that you could teach this to? Interesting. Went on amazon and saw remotes for as low as $7.99. Are used ones cheaper ? Lol Interesting concept nonetheless. Not all businesses are sexy. I guess you hit your ceiling. I would teach someone to do it then...
  17. woken

    If someone offered you a CEO job for millions, would you take it?

    HOT! CHAT 
    And that people like to portray a certain persona online. Full of philosophers.
  18. woken

    If someone offered you a CEO job for millions, would you take it?

    HOT! CHAT 
    Sure. =) I’m always amazed how some guys are ‘devouring’ MJ’s books yet they skip the “get a job as a way to bootstrap your business” part. LOL Also, this is the same as saying “If I found 1 Tonne of gold on the street, I wouldn’t take it, because it’s heavy and my back would hurt.”
  19. woken

    If someone offered you a CEO job for millions, would you take it?

    HOT! CHAT 
    Setting aside the fact that nobody here is qualified for the job and the opportunity won’t happen anyway, I agree with @biophase . Everybody has a price. 1 year of running a company, getting 15M in the process + experience + connections and you say No? What are you, a brick?
  20. woken

    Just lost my job. Time to stop working for others.

    Another one bites the dust..

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