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  1. Tom.V

    Quit My Job, 3rd Time's the Charm: Trailer Park Edition

    It's been a couple of years. Some good. Some bad. Some ugly. And some quantum leaps. Nothing I can share right now, but I will in the coming months as things unfold.
  2. Tom.V

    How many of you guys pay virtually nothing in taxes due to write offs?

    You could do it before if you structure things properly. The Export Services Tax Incentive Puerto Rico Guide For Businesses | Relocate to Puerto Rico
  3. Tom.V

    How many of you guys pay virtually nothing in taxes due to write offs?

    After the "new" tax news, I'm looking forward to seeing more of you guys down in the Caribbean ;)
  4. Tom.V

    Growing a Pay Per Click Business (Agency?)

    It's a good model for generating cash flow but at the end of the day you're always right around the edge of budget cuts and market fluctuations. Not every client is good at business and even amazing results won't keep people around. A whole lot of work for money. I could always get back in the...
  5. Tom.V

    How To Retain Clients?

    I've moved away from the performance only model because of too many variables out of my control. There are many other ways to add value while also working towards creating that perfect storm for clients. One thing we do is provide a full marketing solution, not just paid ads. The foundation...
  6. Tom.V

    Facebook Groups? (How To Build A Successful One?)

    FB ads seem to be working at around $.30 per link click to landing page, and around 90% signed up for group after clicking through. Much cheaper than having a VA doing manual outreach. Also looks very scalable.
  7. Tom.V

    How did you finally decide which business to pursue?

    Saw a huge opportunity to help a lot of people. I knew I could do it better than anyone else. I immediately directed all of my energy and resources to it.
  8. Tom.V

    Facebook Groups? (How To Build A Successful One?)

    I've got a decent sized group, only about 1600 or so. Grew it over the past 8 months. At first all via friend requests, and baiting with a Lead magnet via messenger and direct profile invites. We had a VA doing all of this. But the cost per new member wasn't great so we stopped for a bit to...
  9. Tom.V

    How To Prevent Clients From Being Stolen? (By Remote Freelancers)

    I run a team of 20. They all know that they couldn't do it on their own, and I know I couldn't do it without them. Seems to work.
  10. Tom.V

    Quit My Job, 3rd Time's the Charm: Trailer Park Edition

    New chapter: Helping others help others during the pandemic. More coming soon.
  11. Tom.V

    Putting Clients In Our Team Group Chat? (Slack)

    If you want clients pinging you and your team 24/7 and taking advantage, do it. We use Teamwork Projects and have clients communication only through there. Expectations are set from presales conversations. No email. No instant messenger. Phone only at designated times according to deliverables...
  12. Tom.V

    C0VlD-19/Coronavirus Disapproved In Google Ads

    Just can't use covid related terms for keywords or ads. Have had no issues with landing pages.
  13. Tom.V

    Free Google Ads & FB Ads Credits

    Lol sorry Andy. I've been just finding and sharing info lately without checking to see if it's shared elsewhere. You have more social proof, so that will give you an edge;)
  14. Tom.V

    Free Google Ads & FB Ads Credits

    Google is giving free ad credits to small businesses who had an active account since early 2019. Facebook will be doing something similar, $100m in grants. Recommend you signup for updates here: Facebook Small Business Grants Program
  15. Tom.V

    What Are You Selling? Post Your Offer, Biz, Links to The Forum (March 2020)

    Let's face it. Running a business is HARD. Everything you do takes away from your most valuable asset... TIME! Every Google search you make researching a competitor. Every time you go to find a hot prospects email. Every article you read trying to understand what in the hell makes a website...
  16. Tom.V

    2020 Lead Generation Strategies - What Works? (B2B)

    Build your own FB group. Worth its weight in gold.
  17. Tom.V

    ️ How To Spend $6,914.70 And Generate $69,691.00 In Revenue With Pinterest Ads!

    I've seen crazier things like accounts spending $50k+/mo with zero conversion tracking and 4-5x their CPA target. And crazier screenshots touting traffic sources. Funny story, I've also seen reporting numbers that looked like that on the Pinterest Ads interface that were about 1/10th (or worse)...
  18. Tom.V

    ️ How To Spend $6,914.70 And Generate $69,691.00 In Revenue With Pinterest Ads!

    Reporting in Pinterest Ads dashboard is one thing. Actual attribution via Google Analytics is something entirely different. All experiences I have with Pinterest have been complete dumpster fires with the data reported being so far off it was charge back and fraud report worthy.
  19. Tom.V

    How To Hire A GOOD Virtual Assistant?

    I hired an HR manager with 18 years of experience because of exactly that. Now every interview I get on is with qualified individuals for the role we need filled. It got so efficient now we're offering managed VA services to others. Long gone are the days of sorting through hundreds of trash...
  20. Tom.V

    Ask Me Anything - Facebook Ads [2M+ Ad spend]

    Do you have any successful SaaS b2b funnels you can share?

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